Vassalage and political bipolarity

Luis Gonzales Posada

Regarding the Russian genocide in Ukraine, the dictatorships of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba have justified these criminal acts, which include the bombing of schools, hospitals, homes and factories, cutting off water and electricity supplies, blocking roads so that food does not enter and medicines, exodus of six million people and murder of civilians, including a thousand people recently located – in Bucha and kyiv – by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Likewise, these totalitarian regimes back Putin’s lurid threats to provoke a nuclear apocalypse if the West continues to supply arms to kyiv. Along these lines, the Kremlin Ministry of Defense reported that Iskander nuclear ballistic missiles are ready that would destroy Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries and part of Germany, as well as intercontinental projectiles with a range of 18,000 kilometers, which can reach Washington, New York. and Florida.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, for his part, reinforced this sinister preaching by warning that “the danger of a third world war is serious, real and cannot be underestimated” and former president Dimitri Medvedev (2008-2011) maintained that “the conflict has the risk of turning into a nuclear war.”

In short, death, destruction and suffering for those who dare to resist the imperial program of a psychopath of the same rank as Stalin or Hitler.

In our hemisphere, the Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro, a satrap who has also destroyed a prosperous and rich country, from which six million of his compatriots have emigrated, supports these genocidal plans and candidly asks: “What is the world up to? That President Putin sits with his arms crossed and does not act in defense of the people from him?

That is the level of barbarism and political vassalage of the Chavista bloc, which now intends to sabotage the IX Summit of the Americas because the host country – the United States – has not invited the governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba for systematically violating human rights.

Along these lines, the leaders of Bolivia, Luis Arce, and of Mexico, Manuel López Obrador, have expressed that out of “solidarity” they will not participate in the diplomatic event either, and the same can happen with 14 states that make up the Caribbean Community (Caricom). .

In this context, the mellow statement by the Mexican president about his Cuban counterpart is surprising, perhaps the product of several daiquiris and mojitos or moved by the flattering attention received in Havana. It is surprising, in fact, that López Obrador, who describes himself as a “humanist”, will remain silent in the face of the infamous sentences of 6 and 30 years in prison against 127 protesters on the island who peacefully demanded better living conditions, an internationally repudiated judicial barbarity and that in relation to the person most responsible for this repression, he said: “Cuba has an extraordinary president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, an honest, hard-working, very humane man, a good public servant and a very good person,” and then announced that they will hire 500 doctors and they will buy vaccines for children produced on the island.

The Aztec president justified his deplorable silence by relying on the Estrada Doctrine, in force since 1930, which enshrines two guiding principles of Mexican foreign policy: the right to self-determination of peoples and non-intervention in foreign affairs.

However, López Obrador himself makes a clean slate of those diplomatic dogmas. Not only when he allowed Evo Morales, a political refugee in his country, to organize roadblocks to sabotage the entry of food into Bolivian cities, but also by meddling in internal affairs of Peru by sending two ministers to “help” the Pedro Castillo regime, under the pretext that Congress intended to vacate it. That double face, that political bipolarity of López Obrador, is being taken advantage of by the dictatorships of the hemisphere to the detriment of democracy, which is, or should be, the umbilical cord that links our nations. They are, then, the effects of the Bolivarian breezes.

Published in Saturday May 14, 2022.

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