Transnacional organized dictatorships: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

Castroist-Chavist systems are established for the long run under the mold of Cuba’s dictators, the Castro brothers, who leave the government only when they die or lose the physical capability to govern.

The Bolivian dictatorship has come out of the international closet and can now be added to the list of; Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. The severity and recidivism of its crimes urge the indefinite perpetuation of Evo Morales in power by his need to remain unpunished, but at the same time it predicts its demise. In Bolivia, the model applied in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Ecuador, has been replicated. The Bolivian people have begun to fight to rescue democracy and the Republic, but it is critical to identify as their true opponent the Castroist-Chavist doctrine that as a transnational organized scheme of dictatorships have implanted the failed narco- Plurinational State in Bolivia.

Castroist-Chavist systems are established for the long run under the mold of Cuba’s dictators, the Castro brothers, who leave the government only when they die or lose the physical capability to govern. This is what Fidel did and now his brother Raul Castro. The dictator Hugo Chavez went through a similar experience and death was the only way he left his totalitarian government.   Rafael Correa believed he could temporarily hand-over his government, while retaining power, but the economic crisis that he took Ecuador to, the people’s extreme rejection of him, the dubious electoral victory of his party, made it all possible for his own regime to despise him.

Dictators kill democracy and impose a “new legal order” biased to their benefit and for the fulfillment of their main purpose which is the total and indefinite concentration of power. To have all power in their hands forever and under their control is the objective of those who govern Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and until recently Ecuador with Correa, a country that now has hope for change. It is in this context that there are “Two Americas” the democratic and the dictatorial.

Dictators supplant constitutions and even the country’s name, change national symbols and add others, create new denominations of origin, violate human rights as an institutionalized practice, end the Rule of Law, subvert universal principles of law, appear to keep in substance the division and independence of the branches of government while in essence they control them. They turn elections into electoral processes plagued with fraud and manipulation, control the press, persecute and jail real opponents and create a controlled opposition.   They intervene with Castroist presence and corrupt the higher echelons of the Armed Forces and Police to turn the nations’ Armed Forces into the regime’s uniformed forces.

They promote internal strife, multiplying the causes and reasons for confrontation beyond that of class, or regional, or racial origin, or gender, or generations, neighborhoods, trades, beliefs, religions, and everything and anything that can undermine the social fabric.   They change the systems and academic curricula in order to indoctrinate and train instead of educate the children and youth, and invent their own version of history. They use Cuban Castroist political indoctrination groups with a façade of campaigns for alphabetization, education, and the provision of medical services.

They impose statism and the economy’s concentration. They seize, intervene, and break companies at their whim, persecute businessmen and create the dictatorship’s bourgeoise. They have corruption as a key component. They skyrocket the country’s external debt and take possession and control of internal resources, kill the national industry, they submissively give away natural resources and take their nations to crises that traps them in poverty while the regime’s leaders, their families, and inner circles flaunt their condition of novo rich. They engage in narcotics trafficking and justify this as an instrument of the antiimperialist fight to legitimize the crime in their narco-states.

They replace public service with their system of organized crime that enables the State to be an instrument of crime and impunity with a populist and revolutionary façade, leftist dogmatic and antiimperialist, anti-American discourse. They openly exhibit their old relationships with international terrorist groups, dictatorships, failed and totalitarian States, using their numbers to protect themselves and to occupy positions in international organizations.

In Bolivia, they killed the Republic and created a Plurinational State in 2009 and Evo Morales proclaimed himself to be its first president. They imposed a new constitution with a retroactive scope to use the law as an instrument of political persecution. They confronted Bolivians with the false discourse of indigenousness in order to exacerbate racism and racial discrimination, they set in motion the break-up of the “Bolivian nation” pretending to replace it with 36 nationalities amongst which the “Bolivian” nationality is not included. They created a “narco-state” with the increase of both; the illicit, and the legal -beyond the necessary amounts- of coca leaf cultivation, integrating the production of cocaine with union organizations presided by Evo Morales that are the main political backers of his dictatorship.

The event that removed any doubt of the existence of a dictatorship in Bolivia was the ruling of the Plurinational Constitutional Tribunal declaring Bolivian “constitution to be unconstitutional”, “preferring to apply an international treaty over the constitution” and ruling that “Evo Morales’ human right is to be able to be reelected indefinitely”.   They have just finished simulating the “election of judges” that has ended with the victory of the “null vote” showing a nearly 70% rejection of the dictatorship. The regime, however, has reported only on the valid votes and has taken as duly elected the new puppets of the judicial branch.

Nothing that has happened and occurs today in Bolivia, that has been lashing Venezuela and Nicaragua for a long time, are national projects created by Evo Morale, Maduro, Ortega and their regimes. It is the Cuban mold of 60 years, kick-started in 1999 with Venezuelan oil and money and sustained with resources generated by crime that ranges from corruption to narcotics trafficking.   It is the objective reality and the mistake that strategy does not forgive is to make a mistake in identifying the adversary.

Published by Diario las Américas on Sunday December 10th, 2017

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