They’re All Idiots’!!!!

Here I am follow some of the worst case scenarios of the trend of outsiders helming countries around the world -- from a full invasion of Hong Kong and Taiwan by communist China, to nuclear weapons in Venezuela.
Beatrice E. Rangel

They’re All Idiots’!!!!

Beatrice E Rangel

This was how  Liam Peters a 37-year-old carpenter described British politicians by further elaborating” We voted for Brexit not for this unending charade that has done away with Britain’s standing in the world” . Strangely enough Zimbabwean’s seemed to hold in similar high esteem their politicians and the father of the nation Mr. Mugabe who just passed away. At least Richmond Dhamara a 42-year-old street vendor in Harare appeared to hold a rather low opinion on Mugabe and his leadership defining him as a destructive force that had brought the Zimbabwean economy to its feet. “ He was chosen to liberate us not to destroy the economy.”

According to Mr Dhamara the rest of politicians is “ a bunch of idiots how are happy to plunder the  national treasury”.

In the Americas electorates could be described as agnostic as the people of Britain and Zimbabwe about the capacity of their political leaders to take them to greener pastures.

In El Salvador, Mr Nayib  Bukele, a complete outsider was recently elected.

In Brazil Mr Bolsonaro anther outsider clinched the presidency .

In Mexico Mr Lopez Obrador defeated traditional and entrenched political parties as they engaged in a corrupt soap opera that drove millions of Mexicans into disbelief.

The US has Trump and France has Macron.

So, if the world is currently run by idiots who are being replaced by outsiders what are the chances of a great transformation to take place riding on the wings of technology to initiate yet another stage of growth and wellbeing for mankind? The answer is that chances are slim and that what most likely will happen is the sprouting of crises everywhere that could end in a great confrontation among nations. Such an outcome while horrific should not be ruled out at all given the universal mix of idiots and outsiders that the world has in the political dimension.

Outsiders ignore the stress limits for institutions. Thus, they push hard on confrontation given their lack of sense of the institutional consequences. And so far, one must say that the Western institutional framework has been quite resilient to Mr Trump’s tests. Nationally the British, Brazilian, Mexican, Salvadoran and French institutions have also shown a democratic resilience that could not be anticipated a decade ago Meanwhile idiots play the political musical chairs so at to please all constituencies at the same time even those that would like to vote them out. But the question is ¿will these institutions withstand a worldwide crisis detonated by two tectonic failures that collapse under stressful conditions?

In order to answer this question, imagine, just imagine two triggering factors for the collapse of two of the most significant tectonic failures that exist today. One would have China a leading player, the other Venezuela. The first scenario departs from the recodification of China as a world power. The Chinese system while moving into the capitalistic sphere still has institutions and leaders that formally are communist. These institutions and their leaders see the world not as an economic competition where there can be Variable sum outcomes. Their world is Zero sum. This means that is either overcoming the US or being crushed by the US.

So, imagine that the communist faction within the Chinese government party decides to vote in favor of annexing Hong Kong and orders Xi Jinping to proceed. The HK exchange will collapse, China will not be able to unify its currency and an internal economic crisis ensues. The leadership blames the US and proceeds to the adoption of more stringent policies towards the West. The world economy takes a brunt and we are immersed into a worldwide Great Depression. Worldwide political instability sets in.

Alternatively imagine that the Venezuelan regime decides to protect itself by means of going nuke. And they get some nuclear weapons from former USSR well-armed criminal organizations. And think the kind of power they can wrest by blackmailing Colombia, the Panama Canal,  all of Central America and Mexico. This would become a direct threat to the US national security. Eventually a confrontation could erupt. Needless to describe the destructive scenario that would materialize in the Western hemisphere. All thanks to those idiots that have surrender their duty to lead.

Published by on Monday, Sept. 9th, 2019

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Beatrice Rangel is President & CEO of the AMLA Consulting Group, which provides growth and partnership opportunities in US and Hispanic markets. AMLA identifies the best potential partner for businesses which are eager to exploit the growing buying power of the US Hispanic market and for US Corporations seeking to find investment partners in Latin America. Previously, she was Chief of Staff for Venezuela President Carlos Andres Perez as well as Chief Strategist for the Cisneros Group of Companies.For her work throughout Latin America, Rangel has been honored with the Order of Merit of May from Argentina, the Condor of the Andes Order from Bolivia, the Bernardo O’Higgins Order by Chile, the Order of Boyaca from Colombia, and the National Order of Jose Matías Delgado from El Salvador.