The battle in Venezuela is for all Latin America

There is no doubt that the Venezuelan government is a dictatorship, and that Nicolas Maduro is willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain power...

The people of Venezuela suffering a harsh crisis, are fighting for their freedom while trying to recover the democratic rights that have been taken from them through a combination of foreign interventionism and treacherous behavior by their own leaders.

There is no doubt that the Venezuelan government is a dictatorship, and that Nicolas Maduro is willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain power. He is; following the strategy and instructions of the Castro brothers to whom he has submitted and delivered the independence and wealth of his nation.

Under these circumstances “the battle for Venezuela” is taking place. This is the battle between the people who want freedom and bread, and the dictatorship that wants continuity and impunity. The result –which will take place very soon—will determine the destiny of the whole region. The battle for Venezuela is the battle for all Latin America.

A battle is a struggle. “An action or a series of offensive actions destined to obtain an objective”. In a battle there are two opposing forces, with opposite views, and the end result seeks to transform the situation or the reason for the dispute.

Today the Venezuelan people have no other option but to fight, in order to recuperate minimal living conditions, with bread and freedom. It is an inevitable confrontation due to the desires of the unlawful holders of the political power, whom as dictators’ are incapable of providing those minimal conditions of life. On the contrary, they choose to frighten, humiliate, and oppress the people. This can be overcome with a referendum to revoke the dictator’s mandate, and the liberation of the political prisoners.

Maduro and his corrupt government’s lack of popularity, due to inefficiency and corruption. The popular rejection was so great that Maduro had no choice but to militarize the dictatorship. The local followers of the Castro-Chavez ideology in the executive, judiciary, electoral, administrative and military branches, plus the new oligarchy, called the “boli-bourgeoisie”, have been convinced by Havana that they don’t have another place to go, due to the nature of their crimes against humanity, drug trafficking and more. They are determined to stay in power against all odds. Thus, they disregard the humanitarian crisis for which they are responsible and that are trying to hide under the cover of the  Castro sophism of “the economic war of imperialism”.

It was in the Battle of Carabobo (June 21, 1821) that Venezuelan patriots defeated the imperial Spanish forces, sealing the process of Venezuelan independence and leading to the liberation of  Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, which culminated in the Battle of Ayacucho (Dec. 9, 1824).

Almost two centuries later, there is a new fight for freedom and democracy in the Americas, in which five leftist dictatorships united by Castro, with the title of 21st Century Socialism are the source of oppression, exploitation and the promoters of an antidemocratic system of government.

The positions for the “Battle for Venezuela” are established. The victory of the people over the dictatorship, means the fall of Maduro. That will be the beginning of the end for the governments of Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

The triumph of the people will leave central power in Cuba unable to maintain the infamous regime of Fidel and Raul Castro, who have controlled the island for 57 years. It will accelerate the decline of Correa, Morales and Ortega, who would have never reached power without the Venezuelan money that was put in their hands by the Castro’s.

The international conditions in favor of the Venezuelan people are obvious, thanks to the bravery of the General Secretary of the OAS. Secretary Almagro and his judicial staff have documented the violations of democracy committed by the Venezuelan government. They activated the Inter-American Democratic Charter. All routes to a peaceful agreement have been proposed. At last, the OAS is breaking away from the influence of the Castro-Chavez ideological hold, returning to the respect of democratic principles and values and making it clear that Venezuela is a dictatorship. This creates a valid judicial precedent for Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, which have the same characteristics as the Venezuelan dictatorship.

“The Battle for Venezuela” is on its way and no one will be able to remain as a simple witness, because in Venezuela the freedom, dignity and democracy of all Latin Americans and the free world are at stake. If in the Battle for Venezuela freedom wins, the immediate beneficial consequences will be felt in Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. These countries will be able to fight oppression in a shorter time than that registered between Carabobo and Ayacucho. The remainder of the people of the Americas will benefit from the disappearance of the state of fear that the Castro style dictatorship uses as currency. The whole world will see the disappearance of the locus of drug trafficking, terrorism, organized crime…  It is important to understand that the Battle for Venezuela is for all Latin America, and everybody should act accordingly.

Published in Spanish by Diario las Américas on Sunday August 28th, 2016