Cuba’s phantom time

You may think this is the year 2022. However, according to the Phantom Time hypothesis we are presently living in the year 1724. The Phantom Time hypothesis advanced by German historian Heribert Illig in 1991 argues that Pope Sylvester II, Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, and Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII all got together and changed…

Cuba as the Ship of Theseus

Theseus was the mythical king and founder of Athens. Many myths surrounding Theseus and his journeys are recounted by the Greek historian Plutarch. Among them is the legend of Theseus slaying the half-man half-bull Minotaur, and the thought experiment we now know as the ship of Theseus According to Plutarch’s Life of Theseus the ship…

Torture, unpunished crime of dictatorships from Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

Torture is one of the most horrendous way of violating human rights that 21st Century Socialism’s dictatorships use to indefinitely hold-on to power. Notorious facts, international reports, and the free press prove that regimes from Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua apply torture in order to institutionalize fear. This is a criminal methodology that still remains unpunished. It is promoted and protected by Castrochavism and is overlooked by far too many democratic governments.

Los presos políticos del castrochavismo no pueden seguir siendo invisibles.

La judicialización de la persecución política es crimen, un concurso delictivo real integrado por delitos de falsificación material, falsedad ideológica, uso de instrumentos falsificados, acusación y denuncias falsas, consorcio delictivo, delitos contra la fe publica, prevaricatos, detenciones arbitrarias, tortura y mas. Todos estos delitos institucionalizados bajo el poder del Estado y apoyados en “leyes infames” (que violan los derechos humanos). Es “crímen de lesa humanidad” y “terrorismo de Estado”.

Castrochavist dictatorships devoid of support from peoples, economy, and myths, only with crime.

The Cuban peoples’ courage, mobilized since the 11th of July 2021, has unleashed an irreversible process towards freedom and democracy and has empowered the oppressed peoples. The group of dictatorships, with Cuba as the head, comprised by Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, do not have; the backing of the people, the financial resources, have lost their myths and have been relegated to remain as a structured group of transnational organized crime.

Dictaduras castrochavistas sin pueblo, economía, ni mitos: solo crimen.

La valentía del pueblo cubano movilizado desde el 11 de Julio 2021 ha desencadenado un proceso irreversible a la libertad y la democracia y empoderado a los pueblos oprimidos. Las dictaduras, con Cuba como jefe e integradas por Venezuela, Bolivia y Nicaragua, no tienen pueblo, no tienen economía, han perdido sus mitos y han quedado como grupo estructurado de delincuencia organizada transnacional.


Cuba’s dictatorship -albeit not an official member of the OAS- leads the anti-Almagro operation along with Venezuela and Nicaragua’s dictatorships, with the active participation of Argentina and Mexico, some Caribbean countries and an apparent “quid pro quo” maneuver with Canada whose vote to destabilize the OAS would be gotten in exchange for Cuba’s assistance to ensure Canada’s non-permanent position in the United Nations Security Council.