Values beyond Freedom, totalitarian and anti-American ideologies have taken hold of it and the goal is the destruction of this Nation.

Tom Perez

Tom Perez

Armando Valladares

Armando Valladares

When John F. Kennedy was elected, the Democratic Party was a Party where the interests and values that made this Nation great, mattered the most. The Democrats of that time, respected the Constitution, the Laws, they were patriotic, they were proud of their history, of decency, respected institutions and when the country was in danger, the Americans united above parties and looked ahead together because they were identified by the Christian values upon which the United States was founded.

But since the election of Bill Clinton and his wife, the Democratic Party began to disintegrate morally, perhaps contaminated by the most immoral couple that had occupied the White House. Only the name remains of that Party. Values beyond freedom, totalitarian and anti-American ideologies have taken hold of it and the goal is the destruction of this Nation.

Suffice it to demonstrate what is written here, the result of the election of the new leaders of the Democratic Party: Tom Pérez, a Hispanic of Dominican origin as President, and the Black Muslim Congresswoman Keith Allison, elected as Vice-president. Who is Tom Perez? A Marxist who was President of the “Maryland House” Maryland House: (Central American Solidarity Association), a far-left radical organization, which had a budget of $31 million in 2007, and a 20,000 square foot facility with more than 250 employees, and that offered support to dozens of communist organizations, all enemy of the USA, and in favor of the destruction of this country.


The organization received $1.5 million dollars from Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. He also received donations from CITGO then owned by the Venezuelan dictatorship and member of CASA. Soros, the Hungarian who has sworn to destroy the United States, is also a donor to CASA. Other affiliates of this Maryland House led by Tom Perez are the FMLN, the Salvadoran communist guerrillas, the Communist Party of USA (CPUSA), the Maras Salvatruchas (MS-13) who offered $50,000 dollars to anyone who would murder an ICE policeman, Tom Perez was director when that offer occurred)

Another “affiliate” is ACORN, that Democratic organization that instructed illegals to commit fraud and vote in the elections. Its director, the Democrat, Bertha Lewis proposed socialism for the United States.

The terrorist organization of the Muslim Brothers also belongs to The Maryland HOUSE. It is also part of that cove Code Pink/Global Exchange, which offered six hundred thousand dollars ($600,000) to the terrorists who fought against the US Marines in Fallujah, Iraq. The Committee of Solidarity with the people of Salvador (CISPES) founded and directed by Salvadoran communist leaders; the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), this communist organization, raised the unilateral disarmament of the United States. All of them were founders of the Maryland HOUSE.

This CASA Maryland also maintains ties with the Intelligence Services of Cuba, China, Russia and Iran, and with some fifty other left-wing Marxist and anti-US organizations.

Tom Perez was Director of this House of Maryland for seven years, which groups extremist organizations and left radicals. Tom Perez cooperated with them, assisted them in their purposes by organizing conferences and all kinds of activities, offering them financial support for their subversive activities against the United States.

I cannot explain how it’s possible for an organization like HOUSE of Maryland does not draw attention to the FBI as a center of subversion against National Security. This is only a part of the activities of the New Democratic Party President. In 2010, he was the promoter to shelve the case against his friends and comrades the “New Black Panthers” taken back then when, with maces, they prevented whites from voting in Philadelphia.

Already in the Department of Justice, in 2011, he led the movement to prevent South Carolina and Texas from demanding identification from those who were to vote. This has always been an obsession, but only of the democrats, and it is to commit fraud so that illegals could vote for them.

Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison

The elected Vice President of the Democratic Party was Keith Ellison (photo above), a black Congressman for Minnesota and first Muslim elected to the Federal Congress.

He rejects the BIBLE and swore on the Qur’an which, as it is known, dictates the life and customs of Muslims, for example: to sendoff the homosexuals from the top of buildings, to beat women to discipline them, etc. etc. As a Muslim, he believes in the Sharia Law and stated that he does not respect or believe in the American Constitution because its wording was inspired by the BIBLE.

Ellison belonged to the organization Nation of Islam, with his endearing comrade Farrakhan. He helped him organize the 1995 March (Million Man March). Ellison was linked to terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Anti-Jewish at its best, one of his most controversial accusations was to blame President Bush (son) of having ordered the downing of the Twin Towers in conspiracy with the Jews. In 2007 he compared Bush to Hitler.

Pressed by Republican blogger Michael Brodkorn, who published articles and photos showing him as a member of the Nation of Islam, he resigned to seek Congressional approval. “The end justifies the means” (Karl Marx).

For years he organized fundraisings for the terrorist Sara Jane Olson, member of the communist movement Symbiotic Liberation Army, the ones who kidnapped Patricia Hearst. Sara Jean Olson was arrested in 1999 on charges of bombing two police cars. In a statement to Pioneer Press, Ellison stated that the pursuit and arrest of the terrorist was for political reasons, for her beliefs, the same of his.

Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur

He also defended Assata Shakur (photo above) who murdered a police officer and is currently fighting for the extradition of this convicted refugee in Cuba. The defense of terrorists has been a constant of this Vice President of the Democratic Party.

He also defended Bernardine Dohrn, the terrorist leader of Weather Underground, the wife of also terrorist Bill Ayers, both close friends of former President Obama. It was at the home of these terrorists that Obama started his political career.

In the latest administration of Obama, the Democratic Party was radicalized tremendously. At the front of the Party demonstrations, the red flags of the sickle and hammer waved, banners with photos of Che Guevara, foreign flags and the American, but reversed and under other flags.

Do not tell me that the Party leaders could not prevent that from happening. There was no moral force as to whether any members wanted to object because President Obama himself had Van Jones, an active member of the Communist Party, as one of his principal advisers.

Debauchery, ideological mob, terrorists, communists, radical Muslims and all the scum of the country whose goal is to destroy it, joined the ranks of the Party, with the complicit silence of the leaders and they took possession of it. The result of this entire plan was seen in this last election to elect those who will lead the New Democratic-Marxist-Muslim Party.

Four hundred and thirty-five delegates were to choose between the two candidates whose biographies I have shared with you in this article. Two enemies of the United States, two men, whose goal throughout their lives, has been to destroy this Capitalist and Christian Society, and turn it into a Marxist country. Two racist, anti-Semitic, despicable candidates, who ignore the Constitution and History of this Nation, who have been and are allies of all the terrorist movements in the world, with whom they have shared the hatred for the United States and its laws. They complement each other in their frustrations and hatred of the Bible, lovers of foreign doctrines, and of all the subversive movements they have wished to sweep away with this American society. Remember that phrase from former President Obama “this is the best country in the world, help me change it.” If it was the best, why change it?: because he wanted to make it a socialist country, but Trump won.

The election of the new Democratic Party chairman was fierce, it seemed that Muslim congressman Keith Ellison was likely to win, but there was an internal protest from Jewish Democrats who threatened to leave the Party if the anti-Semitic Ellison was elected. The 447 delegates determined that Perez had to win, and he did. He won with 235 votes and Ellison received 200.

Only 439 votes were cast. Eight delegates did not vote. They did not accept either. They knew their political and ideological antecedents very well.

Two hundred delegates gave their support to Keith Ellison, who swore on the Koran, who despises the Bible and the Constitution because he says it’s inspired by it and wants, as a good Muslim, to replace it with Sharia law. The new vice-president of the Party is a defender of the terrorists who murdered American policemen.

The other candidate Tom Perez, who for seven years led the CASA de Maryland, a Marxist organization, founded by the communist movements of Latin America, which housed, financed, supported and protected dozens of terrorist organizations that form that House of Maryland, received 235 Votes to become the President and ideological and “spiritual” guide of all the nearly fifty million Democrats that the Party has in its ranks today.

Will these millions of patriotic democrats and lovers of Liberty, of private property, of representative democracy, know who their new bosses are?

I have dozens of Democratic friends; some are having a real conflict for diametrically disagreeing with the thinking and ideology of these new Party leaders and their plans to destroy the US. Some have already become independent.

Millions of Democratic Party members, workers, and ordinary people, do not know the history of Tom Perez and Keith Ellison. Who really knew it were the 439 delegates who elected them.

Those who are aware of the political and ideological activities of these new “leaders” of the Democratic Party and continue in their ranks, will go down in history as accomplices of these enemies of this great nation because they will be like them.

Published in Spanish by Nuevo Acción on April 14th, 2017.

*The opinions published herein are the sole responsibility of its author.*