Releasing political prisoners from jail but without any true freedom or liberty

The Castroist regime has always had political prisoners and has always used them as exchange and transaction tokens for purposes of propaganda, and to obtain political and economic benefits. 

Following the criminal acts committed before, during, and after the 20thof May’s electoral supplanting to indefinitely continue the usurpation of power in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro -true to Castroist methodology-  now manipulates with the release of political prisoners from jail.   It is the arbitrariness and cruelty of those who hold power and who play with the people’s freedom and life, violating at their whim all human rights.  A dictatorial maneuvering in the pursuit of political, economic, and propaganda objectives; to use these releases, but without any freedom or true liberty for those released.

It is very important for the victims, their families, and for society at large, that all political prisoners be released from the sinister Castroist Chavist’s imprisonment centers in Venezuela and be returned to their homes.  To the knowledge of everyone, those released, however, have not regained their freedom because the arguments, the manner and the objective of their release, are just as criminal as their original detention, prosecution, sentencing and imprisonment.  The regime has power and when it releases prisoners with a “Commission for the Truth” of the usurped power, they are really demonstrating that they don’t intend to give it up but are simply seeking to alleviate the national and international pressure that is about to depose them.

The detention of political prisoners -those who are now released- were criminal acts of extreme violence stemming from the political power, with false accusations, the misuse of the justice system as a mechanism for political repression and persecution, applying despicable rulings and laws, with Organized Crime’s henchmen supplanting the functions of prosecutors and judges, who ruled despicable rules and sentences, and the misuse of the news media with fake news assassinating the victims’ reputations.

Add to all of that the physical and psychological torture, solitary confinement, inhumane treatment -not only to the inmates but to their families as well- the perverse conditions of their imprisonment when they were jailed in areas with common criminals at the service of the dictatorship.   A long list of common crime and crimes against humanity, violating the human rights of thousands of Venezuelans, impacting the entire population because the regime’s end objective is to instill fear amongst the people, managing fear as an instrument of social control.

Nicolas Maduro and his Transnational Organized Crime’s group carry out their activities in the style of Cuba’s dictatorship and they do so with Cuban intervention.  Venezuela with Chavez and Maduro, Bolivia with Evo Morales, Nicaragua with Daniel Ortega, and Ecuador with Correa carried out in the 21stCentury the cruelest violations of human rights of their people, as a repeat of what the Cuban people endures since 1959 when, under the banner of “revolution”, organized crime took ownership of Cuba.

The Castroist regime has always had political prisoners and has always used them as exchange and transaction tokens for purposes of propaganda, and to obtain political and economic benefits.  The Castro’s have released political prisoners due to someone’s influence or international pressure, and have always obtained benefits to, afterwards, continue filling their jails in order to have enough inmate capital as part of the human trafficking they practice with the prisoners.  The case of Armando Valladares jailed for 22 years, declared a “conscientious objector” prisoner and released from prison by the regime due to the influence and request of France’s president, is but one example of the Castroist methodology of using human trafficking as part of their “social control’s methodology” with which they remain in power.

What is happening now in Venezuela is a replica of an already known story.  A Castroist Chavist dictatorship, 21stCentury’s Socialism of Organized Crime, it releases political prisoners but it does not free them.  Even if they return to their homes, even if they are able to walk through the streets, there is no freedom.  Even if some of those released political prisoners are able to go into exile that is not freedom either.  Freedom is “the right of supreme value that ensures people’s free determination”

There will not be freedom in Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and any country with political prisoners, while democracy does not return, even if those imprisoned are forced to leave prison and are able to go back and walk through the streets without any civil and political rights.   There is no freedom in dictatorships and least of all in Organized Crime’s regimes who have replaced politics with habitual and recurring crime.  In Venezuela, they release political prisoners as a way to continue to remain in power.

Published in Spanish by Diario las Américas on Sunday June 3rd, 2018

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