Putin, the doomsday

Pedro Corzo
Peter Corzo

In all neighborhoods there are individuals who believe they are braver than the rest of their neighbors and to prove it, they are constantly in a campaign of intimidation, which, although it is difficult to admit, tends to bear fruit, a situation that frequently occurs in any corner of the world.

The regimes of force tend to use intimidations with great prodigality, and sometimes, as an old saying reflects, “the blood reaches the river”. At present we have ex officio aggressors, governments that tend to blackmail their neighbors without any consideration, as can be seen in the speeches and missile tests of the North Korean tyrant or the repeated threats of the Chinese mandarin, Xi Jinping, against Taiwanese democracy.

These regimes present themselves as victims when in reality they are aggressors, a role that the Tsar, Vladimir Putin, has satisfactorily fulfilled with his aggression against Ukraine, which, although it has not been successful as expected, has caused great damage to the estates of kyiv and Moscow. .

However, there is something in this “special military operation”, according to some media in Russia that cannot be identified as a war, that has caught my attention and it is the warnings coming from the Kremlin that it is ready to use nuclear weapons if it sees a nuclear threat to its country, a situation that the attacked country, Ukraine, cannot even consider because it does not possess atomic weapons, so therefore, it is an attempt to blackmail Western democracies, some of which have military resources so that let us select our defender in the final judgment.

The Russian autocrat’s threats to use nuclear weapons, an ultimatum that even his faithful keeper frequently use, have reminded me of a handsome man in my neighborhood, El Condado, Santa Clara, and also the song by “Pedro Navaja”, an unhappy predator that a poor prostitute, in her last seconds, managed to eliminate.

I remember that teenage bully. When we saw him, many of us felt a shiver down our spine, that was really unpleasant, I confess that I couldn’t help it, until one day, pushed by the fear that consumed me, we fell down, a fight in which he, to My surprise, he got the worst of it, I remember, we were eleven or twelve years old. My joy was overshadowed by a robust and heroic policeman who saw us fight, he became so furious that he gave me a resounding cookie that I will never forget and that caused my mother, enraged by the abuse, to file a complaint at the police headquarters.

Putin has nuclear weapons, but he has feet of clay like the handsome guy in my neighborhood. As much as he boasts, his country, no nation in the world, would support a nuclear conflict because the destruction of all is mutually assured as Henry Kissinger said.

Apparently, the despot, heir to the destructive will of the Moscow Soviet, has not learned the lesson that Ukraine has taught him. The Ukrainian people have displayed remarkable heroism. Not only has he successfully defended his estate, but he has also entered Russian territory, inflicting great damage.

The KGB colonel, like a Gestapo officer, is determined to bring the world to the brink of nuclear war. His threats are constant, in his eagerness to blackmail the West, he places humanity in a dangerous position, because no one can ensure that one of the many threatened, fearing receiving the first blow, the deadliest, decides to deal it first. .

I have noticed that many friends, although they do not comment on it publicly, nor is it the primary topic in conversations, they tend to express that they are concerned about the threats from the master of the Kremlin, and that is because they are so repetitive that it is impossible to turn a deaf ear to them.

Particularly of all these statements, the one that has impacted me the most negatively was that of Dimitry Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin, who stated “Russia will only use nuclear weapons in Ukraine if it faces an existential threat”, a comment that leaves open a number of causes likely for Russia, the victim of Capitalism, and NATO, to start a third world war from which, according to experts, there would be no return.

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