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Press release




The Inter American Institute for democracy joins the Miami community in its profound sorrow to announce the passing of our Chairman MAURICE FERRE. The Interamerican Institute for democracy expresses its condolences to his family in particular his loving wife Mercedes.

MAURICE FERRE will continue to inspire the work and development of the Inter American Institute for Democracy. Under his exceptional leadership he deployed his diverse talents as entrepreneur; scholar public servant and visionary to enrich our institution. These talents translated themselves into new lines of work; upgrading of our traditional activities; and expansion of our networks and exchanges. It was under his guidance that the Institute launched the Brazilian Program, attracted talent for our board of directors and permanent council while expanding our interest and analysis of Puerto Rico. This latter initiative benefited from his personal involvement that provided greater wisdom and a more acute focus.

Dismissing his health induced restrictions MAURICE FERRE participated with enthusiasm, courage and his trademark completeness in all our activities until days before his departure

In an attempt to retribute his generosity the Inter American Institute for Democracy will honor his memory by naming MAURICE FERRE the annual award granted to entrepreneurs and institutions that while furthering development in the Americas discharge social responsibility towards their communities to promote freedom and democracy as means to strengthen their societies.

Honor and Glory to MAURICE FERRE outstanding citizen; brilliant lecturer and exemplary defender of freedom and democracy.

The Board of Directors

Mami September the 19th, 2019

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