Political prisoners of the organized crime’s regimes

Political prisoner is “the physical person that is kept in jail or has been detained some other way because his ideas suppose a challenge or a threat to the established political system”. 

There are hundreds of political prisoners in the Americas.  They are the victims of another series of crimes committed -under a transnational mold- by those who govern Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador/Correa, and Argentina/Kirchner to deprive citizens who have been earmarked as a “political threat” of their freedom, to retaliate, or set a precedent to instill fear.  The 21st Century Socialism’s political prisoners are falsely accused of common crimes and the government manipulates the justice system as a means of political persecution and control, applying “despicable laws” and rulings. Political prisoners are Transnational Organized Crime’s prisoners.

Political prisoner is “the physical person that is kept in jail or has been detained some other way because his ideas suppose a challenge or a threat to the established political system”.  It is about people who are considered a “political threat” and who are deprived of their freedom without the existence of any real legal reasons, in violation of their human rights and by the government’s arbitrary decision, with accusations levied and prosecution executed simulating a legal due process.

The Venezuelan “Penal Forum” a Non-Governmental Organization “to assist victims of human rights’ violations” describes three categories of political prisoners; “Category 1; those people detained or condemned for representing, individually, a political threat to the government because they are social or political leaders.  In these cases, the purpose of their detention is to exclude the individual from political activities, neutralize the individual as a factor of social or political mobilization, isolating the person from the rest of the population.  Category 2; those people detained or condemned, not because they represent an individual political threat to the regime, but because they are part of a social group that needs to be intimidated.  Those who stand out in this group are; students, social and political activists, among others.  Category 3; those people who are neither considered an individual political threat, nor are members of a social group considered a threat but are used by the government to sustain a government’s campaign or a determined political narrative dealing with certain important situations of national significance.”

The common main feature of political prisoners of the regimes installed by the Havana-Caracas’ axis in the 21stCentury, is the misuse of the judicial branch. It is the misuse of the justice system to accuse, investigate, detain, or justify future detentions, initiate judicial prosecution, produce despicable rulings and sentences, and institute a brutal penitentiary system under the slogan “there are no political prisoners but politicians who are prisoners”.

Cuba’s judicial system is the totalitarian regime’s part that has the function of protecting the regime itself instead of administering justice.  This feature has been the mold for Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela Rafael Correa in Ecuador, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Evo Morales in Bolivia, the Kirchner’s in Argentina to establish a system of their own comprised by “the regime’s prosecutors and judges” who are backed by “despicable laws/rulings” in order to disguise and misrepresent political persecutions as common crime cases.

 “Despicable Law” is the norm that has been drafted and established in compliance with formal legal procedures for its creation but that violates in content and purpose Human Rights and fundamental civil liberties”. These are laws the Castroist Chavist regimes approve due to the control they have over the Legislative Branch of their government and sustain them with the control they have over the constitutionality of things and who enforce them with the control they have over the regime’s prosecutors and judges.

The common content, among others, of “despicable laws” used in Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador/Correa, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Argentina/Kirchner are; to annul the retroactivity of the law that is a human right, pass gag laws, modify the Penal Codes, worsen sentences and new crimes, investigate facts with new despicable laws over matters already prescribed, abolish and repeal existing laws, eliminate guarantees for the performance of attorney’s responsibilities. Subject people to a defenseless situation, “assassinate someone’s reputation” through control over the news media, intimidate, accuse, and imprison attorneys who defend cases, persecute prosecutors and judges who are no longer willing to execute the government’s atrocities or those who  describe and prove beyond doubt -with recurrence and re-incidence- crimes committed by the Castro’s, Chavez, Maduro, Correa, Ortega, Morales, Kirchner and their inner circles, confessed by the same prosecutors and judges who fled the Organized Crime’s system they formerly served, and by the hundreds of victims who are in jail or with home-arrest.

Published in Spanish by Diario las Americas on Sunday May 27th, 2018

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