Please don’t help me !!!! 

"Both Bernie Sanders and Emmanuel Macron are victims of what Professor Yehezkel Dror labeled 'the mirror image trap'," "They both end up in an ivory tower that dries out their correct instincts while detaching them from ordinary citizens."
Beatrice E. Rangel

Please dont help me !!!!

Beatrice E. Rangel

Senator Bernie Sanders has just proposed a plan to address climate change with a $16.3 trillion price tag. The proposal immediately activated climate sceptics who are now telling American voters that democrats are all set to give a big push to debt and turn America into a hyperinflation destination.  On the other side of the Atlantic President Emmanuel Macron called on the international community to declare the  Amazonia fires an international crisis and to include the subject in the Group of 7 Agenda given that the Amazonian Basin was the world lungs. He was seconded by Chancellor Angela Merkel.
President Bolsonaro immediately reacted asking both to dig their noses on European affairs and leave Brasil alone. And while these transatlantic exchanges were taking place fires kept ravaging at least10% of the Amazonian Basin. Indeed, the number of fires ravaging today the states of Roraima, Acre, Rondõnia and Amazonas  are about the worst recorded in the history of the region’s dry season.
Both outcomes were totally unforeseen by those intervening to improve the situation.  Because both Sanders and Macron are victims of what professor Yehezkel Dror  would have labeled “ the mirror image trap”  This political sciences theorem aims at explaining why savvy politicians and enlightened  political leaders chose options that backfire not only failing to meet objectives but making the problem they are supposed to solve worse or  making a goal least attainable.
Indeed, should Sanders desire to improve the  co2 emissions in the US he should become an advocate of modernizing the nations power grid adopting a  smart grid that resort to multiple power sources,  is decentralized and cost effective. And the price tag is $4.5 trillion. This would bring together the Midwest and Coastal States; North and South, urban and rural America. And perhaps could even improve his presidential bid chances. But the road taken is just going to boo voters away as fast as children run when chasing cookies.
Macron, on his part,  should have quietly presented a petition to the Group of 7 to support Brazil in its fight to control Amazonian fires and, once adopted, offer his support to  President Bolsonaro who  needs international recognition and backing in his quest to reignite the Brazilian economy which could be a nice muffler to the deceleration of the European economies. Macron should have borne in mind that president Bolsonaro is a nationalist, that Brazil created the Amazonia Pact precisely because it wanted to protect its sovereignty over the Amazonia Basin and is all set to make up for almost a decade of loss in economic development terms.
On the other hand to think that President Bolsonaro’s oversight decrease over the Amazonian Basin is the sole culprit for the ongoing calamity is truly naïve. Certainly,  Amazonian  fires have jumped from 40,000 in 2018 to 75,000 this year.  But president Bolsonaro was not in power last year. And this has been one of the hottest years in history. Thus,  the opportunity was prime to showcase the importance of climate change and to offer a helping hand to bring him into the environmental protection fray which ultimately protects the Brazilian national interest in preserving the Amazonian Basin.
Both political leaders: Sanders and Macron are trapped in the mirror image parlor. This is what many leaders experience as they attempt to execute their programmatic agenda or their vision. They end surrounded by people who are like them and thus have no capacity to tell them when they are wrong so that they correct course. Heads of state in this world post 9/11 are shrouded in security measures that do not allow them to enjoy, nature, daily life or contrarian views.
Politicians like Sanders are engaged in perpetual mobilization. The time to think and reflect is virtually nonexistent They both end up in an ivory tower that dries out their correct instincts while detaching them from ordinary citizens. They thus take decisions that end hurting the very interests they would love to protect and expand.

Published by on Monday, August 26th, 2019

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