Petro, another torpedo against democracy?

Pedro Corzo
Peter Corzo

Recently, with the proclamation of Gustavo Petro, president-elect of Colombia, a young man from that country wrote on a social page about his frustration with politics and his deep disenchantment with politicians, an opinion that I largely share because most of the problems that the hemisphere suffers and the control exercised over public affairs by the champions of extremist proposals, are consequences of the legacy of corruption and injustice of men and women who chose public management as an instrument for their personal benefit and not to serve the citizenry. However, it is not prudent to reach the conclusion reached by our writer when he says, “Since everyone who is mounted in politics is already a liar and corrupt from birth.”

This same young man affirms that none of the Colombian rulers who have exercised during his life, have favored his family or him, a gross error, nobody is self-sufficient and all government action affects positively or negatively, reasoning that sometimes leads to not voting , or do so without due responsibility. It must be borne in mind that the fulfillment of duties precedes the enjoyment of rights.

In my opinion, Petro’s mandate will aggravate Colombia’s situation if he acts based on his past and on the idea that he personifies the country’s salvation, which implies a sectarian and exclusive vision.

Individuals who seek to project themselves as saviors quickly become destroyers, we have plenty of examples, as well as the historical complicity of personalities who claim to defend democracy and act against it, as journalist Ricardo Puentes Melo has repeatedly denounced.

If Petro is a traveler of XXI Century Socialism as the writer José Antonio Albertini affirms, I rule out the fact that he is Castro’s Real Socialism, so brutal and inefficient that not even the defenders of that proposal are capable of applying it today, he must have prepared the political operation that would allow him to establish the institutional dictatorship so dear to this project and that Hugo Chávez developed with such efficiency, a caudillo who also promised a national change that led Venezuelans to change countries, as an electoral banner in these Colombian elections referred.

I only recommend Colombians not to trust that the elected candidate does not have a congressional majority, that the governors rejected him, that the military are a guarantee of republican continuity, that he will have to face the press, which always awaits the worse part, particularly if we remember the comment of the future first lady about some reporters. Do not expect much from the businessmen, with few exceptions, they will only try to save the capital and when the Juan Valdés begin to disappear from the shelves, they will leave the country because very few will fight.

Do not close your eyes, these warlords have many resources and are the best corrupters. The day Hugo Chávez took office, he proposed a new original constitution, a concept that establishes a new or original functional principle, which gives way to the refoundation of the Republic and the election of new officials.

Ideological populism is a kind of religion and all its leaders consider themselves chosen, anointed by a superior power that invests them with the conviction that they are doing good regardless of the cruelty of their actions, a situation that leads us to remember, the comment of a Roman senator on Spartacus in the book, “The Slave Revolt”, by Arthur Koestler, “Spartacus kills all the slaves who seek refuge in his Republic because he is convinced that it is the only way to save his project”.

I longed to be wrong. I hope Petro and his tribe do well, although honestly I don’t think so. In his victory speech, without coming to power, he arranged to release individuals imprisoned for various crimes and reinstate a suspended ally to the Medellín mayor’s office. A sample of the authoritarianism of his mandate.

The new Colombian president has more potential than Hugo Chavez to do evil and it can be seen in his expressions that he is a fan of political correctness, which is why one of his first targets will be education with a re-educating vision of society.

I am with Senator María Fernanda Cabal, we must be ready to oppose what may come against our values ​​of freedom, both in the country and abroad, because no one is free from these predators.

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