People unmask organized crime’s dictatorship in Nicaragua

Amongst Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, the four states that still remain under the control of Organized Crime’s dictatorships, Nicaragua appeared to be the most stable or controlled.

Nicaragua has gone past the point of no return for the recovery of its freedom and democracy.  The repressed citizens’ protests, the Castroist Chavist modus operandi already applied by Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela and by Evo Morales in Bolivia with several dead and wounded, have unmasked a shameful governmental system the Nicaraguans are not willing to continue to tolerate.  The issue now is Daniel Ortega’s departure and the end of his regime, because the people have unmasked the Organized Crime’s dictatorship in Nicaragua.

Amongst Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, the four states that still remain under the control of Organized Crime’s dictatorships, Nicaragua appeared to be the most stable or controlled.  Ortega’s agreements to cover up the political corruption of his former adversaries, then turned into his collaborators and accomplices, were the essential cornerstone to establish the Castroist Chavist model for simulating democracy in Nicaragua and for quickly establishing it as one of the fastest growing dictatorship of the 21stCentury Socialism.  Arrangements with private business owners along with granted privileges and perks, were the protection mechanism to the dictatorship’s façade.

Venezuelan resources and oil misappropriated by Hugo Chavez, enabled Daniel Ortega’s administration to appear to be prosperous when, in reality, the foundation was being laid in for an Organized Crime’s system – a feature of non-democratic regimes- to be established there.  These non-democratic regimes started presenting themselves as populist, leftist, pro-Castroist, and ended up as a dangerous Transnational Organized Crime’s group.

Nicaragua’s regime labored hard to keep itself with a low profile while the Americas and the world were pointing to Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia as dictatorships.  But now the Ortega’s Nicaragua is on the headlines and is being included -with no differences- as part of the group of its partners; the Castro’s, Maduro, and Morales.  It is being included in the group that commits and covers up all sorts of crimes against humanity, violates human rights, persecutes, exiles, assassinates, massacres, counterfeits, extorts, and sustains terrorism, as narco-states in order to hold on to power at all cost as a means to remain unpunished.

What started out as a complaint against reforms to the Social Security Institute imposed by the Ortega’s in Nicaragua, has turned into a heated general protest for all of the affront suffered and endured by the Nicaraguan people who now see the ending of the regime, the departure of Daniel Ortega and his organization from the government, as the only solution.  Reality shows that there isn’t one single citizen, none of the different sectors, that has not been a victim of the regime.  It shows that it censored, controlled, and repressed the press, imposed mandatory membership in the government’s ruling party in order to qualify for, or remain in, a government job, eliminated the opposition from the electoral process, controlled the judicial branch in order to use it with “despicable rulings” against adversaries or defenders of freedom, and formed a new cast of novo rich with the resources from the State, corruption and crime.

It has been a long time that in Nicaragua there isn’t any of the essential components of democracy.  There is no freedom, no respect for Human Rights, there is no Rule of Law, there is no division or independence of the branches of government, there are no free and fair elections and the universal suffrage has been supplanted, there is no freedom of political organization.  It has been years that valiant Nicaraguans denounce to the world the Ortega’s dictatorship.  It has been years that the people have been shouting that “Somoza and Ortega are the same thing”.

A well-orchestrated international system of public relations (PR), lobbyists who work for the Cuba-Venezuela-Bolivia-Nicaragua group, the subjecting of Petro Caribe countries with bribes of Venezuelan oil, its penetration into international organizations, its control over the national news media and its creation and influence over international media, its collusion with important magnates and businessmen, and its repetitive anti-US discourse along with its opening to Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, have all been factors -among others- that have allowed the existence of the Ortega’s Organized Crime’s dictatorship in Nicaragua.

Today we are in one other scenario.  The people from Nicaragua with their heroism, courage, and persistence have unmasked the dictatorship that controls their country and they have presented it to the world for what it really is; a group of organized crime that must leave from power as soon as possible to give way to democracy.

Published in Spanish by Diario las Americas on Sunday May 29th, 2018

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