Olavo de Carvalho: A Jedi defying the force

For decades -- or rather, for the better part of the 20th century -- Marxist dogma silently penetrated the intellectual networks of Latin America. And like hemlock it quietly pierced all fields of knowledge production to create paralysis and inoculate the dogma."
Beatrice E. Rangel

Olavo de Carvalho: A Jedi defying the force

Beatrice E. Rangel

For decades or rather for the better part of the 20th century Marxist dogma silently penetrated the intellectual networks of Latin America. And like hemlock it quietly pierced all fields of knowledge production to create paralysis and inoculate the dogma. With time, all intellectual pursuits bore the sign of Marxism. So, education ceased to be an exercise into enabling human beings to develop their full potential through wealth creation.
Journalism diverted from a profession to transfer unbiased and accurate information about ideas, human feats, political processes or entertainment services to become an exercise in indoctrination and  advocacy. Literature departed from the universal process of building the culture and tradition of a language or a people to turn into an endless search for the culprits of all that is wrong in the world. In short, the Marxist dogma took over the intellectual apparatus of the Western Hemisphere to create and invisible army that through the thought process began to undermine and debilitate freedom.
In Latin America it exacerbated the lack of absurdness of countries that have failed to deliver progress for the people in about 500 years. And by virtue of creating a nonsensical dependence theory transferred the responsibility for this failure to industrialized nations. The logical corollary to dependence theory of course was that,  once the industrialized countries blew up , development would materialize in the so called Third World.
This served two fundamental purposes: prevented citizens to revolt against populist leaders and preserved the privileges of the elites as everything national was superior to anything foreign. The results are 62M people living in extreme poverty while about 100m live in poverty. Meanwhile poverty in the industrialized countries is about 2% of the total population while in other emerging markets such as East Asia and the Pacific and Central Europe have reduced their poverty rates to under 3%.
And while most political pundits are still thinking what to do, a Jedi has step up to wage the intellectual war that is necessary to bring down the Marxist edifice that holds prisoner development in our Hemisphere. The fight is as unbalanced and difficult as that of Luke Skywalker against the invasion of the dark side of the force. But Olavo de Carvalho is as determined as any member of the legendary and fictional monastic order created by George Lukas. Because Olavo de Carvalho  is fighting not for glory, but for duty. He knows that a hemisphere so blessed with the most diverse basket of natural resources should be a land of progress and not a land of sorrow 500 year after Columbus decided to take a Caribbean cruise .
He has thus dedicated his life to dismantling the intellectual tenets of Marxism. These hinge around one concept and two pillars. The concept is negative dialectics. This destroys anything that is outside the Marxist dogma by means of taking negative events and blow them out of proportion as to then identify capitalism with this horrific event. So, whenever a mentally disturbed person shoots people at a public place the Marxist pack gets excited and begins creating messages that link the event to the workings of capitalism
The solution of course is to strait jacket capitalism which is a way to slowly suffocate its energies. Negative dialectics is deployed through what Marx recommended his followers to practice: constant criticism of everything the exists. Then, there is fragmentation. Spain disappears to give way to a host of people that are Catalonians; Basques. Sevillians, etc. Humankind gives way to black, white, brown etc. And the more we are fragmented the easier it is to find reasons to endorse our predicament to capitalism.
The way out of course is to begin recollecting our national identities, to praise the achievements of our society and to unmask the “nouveau” Marxists who in our corner of the world, are spreading the worst strain of this disease: that of eternal power through pacts with organized crime. This aspect demands swift and effective international coordination to destroys these networks before they spread like Ebola to the rest of the world.  And this is what the 21st century Jedi is attempting to achieve.

Published by LAHT.com on Monday, August 19th, 2019

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