Lula versus Bolsonaro. Brazilian elections 2022

Jose Antonio Friedl Zapata

Latin America is going through crucial, dramatic moments for its democratic future, registering an alarming setback in its basic freedoms, attacks on judicial independence, which in many countries no longer exists. Freedom of the press is often cornered by international media and journalists who claim to fight for democracy on the one hand and on the other oxygenate criminal and totalitarian regimes such as those in Cuba, Venezuela and many others. It is time to unmask totalitarian systems and those that are on their way to becoming so, that must be our first task.

In this titanic struggle we find ourselves alone in the middle of this perfect storm. The powerful neighbor to the north, which was once the beacon for our democracy, is in full decline and internal political confrontation. The current Administration carries out a zigzagging, contradictory and even hypocritical national and international policy. Let us just point out by way of example that 18 Democratic senators from the North American Congress have asked President Biden to repeal laws that negatively affect the criminal regimes of Venezuela and Cuba. And another worrying sign has been the creation of an organization called the “Disinformation Governance Board“, in the best style of the Ministry of Truth by the visionary English writer George Orwell. And let’s not forget the chaotic economic situation of the country never seen before in more than fifty years and its warmongering attitude to solve the problem of the war in Ukraine. All of these symptoms clearly show that something is wrong with American democracy these days. And what can we expect from Europe, mired in a dangerous crisis with an uncertain future and with a war in Ukraine that is undermining its economy and its security, given the imminent danger of an atomic war.

And what can we expect from the United Nations and its international organizations that often seem to be allies, cronies of dictatorial regimes, sharing the ideology of socialist internationalism and endorsing non-democratic governments? How can it be that of 193 countries represented in the General Assembly, only a small minority are critical of the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia? What can we think of a world organization whose Conference on Disarmament is headed by North Korea, or the inefficient Inter-American Commission on Human Rights? And what to think of the Pan American Health Organization that trades with the Cuban regime’s doctor-slaves distributed throughout the continent?

Yes, we are alone, even more so now with the triumph in Colombia of the unpresentable, corrupt and dangerous former guerrilla Gustavo Petro, an ally of the dictatorships of our beleaguered continent. But it is in Brazil next October that the future of Latin American democracy will be settled.

It will be a duel between titans, between Jair Bolsonaro and Lula, with a still uncertain result. Neither is a candidate without authoritarian risks for a truly democratic future for the country. But Lula has the decisive logistical and financial support of powerful international media groups and the decisive endorsement of the extreme left of our continent, such as the São Paulo Forum that he himself founded, the so-called Puebla Group and the Celac organization, related to its extremist projects and now directed by the unpresentable Argentine puppet, President Fernández. An unequal struggle of forces that we will face in this dilemma of the future of Brazil and our continent.

Mario Vargas Llosa clearly sees the looming danger of this political dilemma in Brazil. A few weeks ago, at a conference in Montevideo on the occasion of receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of the Republic, he declared that between Bolsonaro and Lula he prefers Bolsonaro. He also talked about voting right and voting wrong, and that voting right is voting for democracy, voting wrong is simply voting against it. He confessed in his presentation that he was “sad” about the situation that Latin America is going through, and that the continent should imitate Uruguay.

The international media machinery of the caviar progressive left is already in full swing in its support for candidate Lula to occupy the new presidency of Brazil from next October, and it does so in a dirty way, without respecting in the slightest the code of good journalism. A good example is provided by the biased North American magazine Time, which in its early May edition tries, without any journalistic scruples, to whitewash the image of the corrupt ex-president of Brazil, Lula, in order to help catapult him to the presidency in the next few years. elections . The cover of the magazine is covered with a photo of Lula and the title “Lula’s Second Act”, Lula’s second act, and is topped by the headline chosen to head the report itself, “Lula the Redeemer”, In other words, Lula is a kind of Christ the Redeemer of Brazil, which is not only blasphemous but also insinuates that Lula returns to the political scene in Brazil to save the nation. Already the title gives us the pattern of journalistic manipulation. Very important facts for the reader are not mentioned, such as the fact that Lula, as founder of the São Paulo Forum, has been his whole life a sidekick to the cruel Latin American dictators to whom he has given his support. Nor is it mentioned that just weeks ago the São Paulo Forum held a seminar with high-ranking personalities from the Chinese communist government to try to increase bilateral relations between China and Brazil in the event of a Lula victory. The article also fails to mention that Lula was sentenced for overwhelming and repeated cases of corruption to 20 years in prison, and that he was released, but not declared innocent, thanks to the intervention of the majority of the corrupt judges of the Supreme Federal Court, members of what is known in Brazil as “the dictatorship of the toga”, who looked for errors in technicalities of his process to obtain his release and the subsequent restitution of his political rights, which allowed him to run for president again. We will know nothing by reading the article about the future policy that he intends to carry out in his country. which allowed him to run for president again. We will know nothing by reading the article about the future policy that he intends to carry out in his country. which allowed him to run for president again. We will know nothing by reading the article about the future policy that he intends to carry out in his country.

Obviously this outlet, like many others on the international scene, has systematically ignored the many indisputable achievements of Jair Bolsonaro. Today, Brazil has once again become one of the 10 largest economies in the world thanks to the policies of the current president and his economy minister, Paulo Guedes, who applied economic freedom that made the country the first in the region to recover economically after from the ravages of the pandemic. Today, Brazil achieved a historical record in its trade balance, surpassing exports over imports, displacing Argentina as the world’s leading meat exporter. Let us also point out that unemployment fell by 10.5%. And another noteworthy fact is that so far this year forest fires have dropped by 20% compared to the figures for the previous year.

The recent visit of tycoon Egon Musk to Brazil and his conversations with Bolsonaro confirm the important businessman’s support for the Brazilian president and his future commitment to a true and effective environmental defense of the Amazon. In addition, Egon Musk gave Bolsonaro a boost in his fight for unrestricted press freedom that allows the current president to communicate directly with his voters without being excluded by international media platforms. This visit has been a great support for Bolsonaro in pre-electoral times in which his opponent Lula continues to lead in almost all the polls.

In the last months of the electoral campaign, Lula and his propaganda team have resorted to the trick of pitting the two candidates against each other, presenting one as the candidate of love and the other, Jair Bolsonaro, as the candidate of hate. The same cheesy, hackneyed trick also used by former Colombian guerrilla Petro, who, upon learning of his electoral victory, filled his mouth saying that his presidency will be one of love and life. What a short memory our peoples have that they forgot, in the case of Colombia, that the sinister former guerrilla was known as Comandante Aureliano, alias El Caca, in charge of guarding the inhumane underground prisons where they kept the victims of kidnappings! In the case of Lula, his national and international strategists advised him to also use the theme of love in his election campaign. That is why they prepared their recent ostentatious and very expensive wedding with Rosangela da Silva, known as Janja, a 55-year-old sociologist, a close collaborator of the ex-convict, who regularly visited him in prison and coordinated his defense. Love, much love from Lula with his 75 years against her opponent Bolsonaro who wants to make him appear as the representative of hate in politics.

Yes, we are alone in this perfect regional and global storm, and our task must be to unmask the international narco-terrorist plot of the Castro-Chavismo vernacular and also unmask many of the large and powerful media outlets that work tirelessly to undermine our freedoms and institutions. democratic, which in the case of Colombia and Brazil try to whitewash the image of nefarious politicians, such as Gustavo Petro and Lula, who will bring more anxiety and more poverty to our suffering peoples.

Jose Antonio Friedl Zapata

Political Scientist – Latin Americanist – Independent Journalist
Author of several books on Latin American themes

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