Letter to Mr. Jair Mesias Bolsonaro

“Regimes who violate their people’s freedoms and who, due to their ideological affinity with those defeated in the elections, openly act against the future Government of Brazil, will not be present at my swearing in” (Jair M. Bolsonaro)

26 December of 2018
President-Elect of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Regimes who violate their people’s freedoms and who, due to their ideological affinity with those defeated in the elections, openly act against the future Government of Brazil, will not be present at my swearing in” (Jair M. Bolsonaro)
Mister President:
I have the honor to contact you for the purpose of asking you to kindly review and revoke the invitation extended to the Head of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to your swearing in as the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil.
What motivates my request to you is that similar invitations to the Heads of State from Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua have been withdrawn, while the Bolivian regime, that incurs in violations as severe or even more serious and openly acts against Brazil and its future government, remains invited. Please indulge me in the following reminder.
1.- Regarding the violation of the Bolivian people’s freedoms –in a nutshell and to sum it up- Evo Morales leads an Organized Crime’s regime.
1.1.- He has extinguished the Constitution of the State of Bolivia through counterfeiting and deliberate acts, has eliminated the Republic of Bolivia supplanting it with a Plurinational State. In Bolivia, today, Human Rights are violated as part of the methodology for political control introduced and controlled by Cuba and Venezuela, there isn’t separation and independence of the branches of government, there is no Rule of Law, there is political persecution using the judicial branch that has been institutionalized and that as a consequence there are over one hundred political prisoners and more that 1,200 political exiles (most of these as refugees in Brazil). Morales has committed over 20 massacres, such as the ones at; El Porvenir, Hotel Las Americas, Cochabamba, La Calancha, with 89 people assassinated.
1.2.- Elected for one 5-year term, without the right to a consecutive reelection, this coming January he will celebrate 13 continuous years as the Head of State with the title of President and the performance of a dictator. To govern all of this time, besides committing the crimes mentioned in the previous paragraph, Morales now pretends to be a candidate in the forthcoming elections of 2019 in order to indefinitely remain in power and pretends to ignore the results of a referendum that he himself called to be held on 21 February of 2016 (21F) through which Bolivian people said NO to any more of his reelections. Availing himself of a despicable Constitutional Tribunal ruling, manipulations of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal -both under his control- Morales has been enabled to be a candidate. Today in Bolivia there are more than 200 Bolivian citizens undergoing a hunger strike and popular demonstrations demanding that he abide by the results of the 21F referendum.
1.3.- He has turned Bolivia into a narco-state, increasing illegal coca cultivation from 7,413 acres in 2003 to more than 123,550 acres, while also and unnecessarily increasing the cultivation of legal coca for local consumption. Morales is the perpetual leader of the Illicit Coca Cultivation Unions in the tropical area of Cochabamba known as Chapare, these are his political base and they have practically integrated to the coca-leaf cultivation, the production of cocaine. In his book “Hugo Chávez o Espectro” Brazilian journalist Leonardo Coutinho documents the existence of a “cocaine’s aerial bridge” involving the official air traffic between Bolivia and Venezuela and the “narco-Bolivarianism” that has Brazil as one of its victims.
1.4.- Bolivian Senator Roger Pinto was a refugee at the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz for 15 months, politically persecuted by the Morales’ regime. Thanks to the humanitarian actions of Brazilian Diplomat Eduardo P. Saboia, Senator Pinto was able to flee to Brazil where he was granted Political Asylum. Roger Pinto died exiled in an “aviation accident” but he has left a very clear picture of Morales’ violation of Human Rights in Bolivia, even against a sitting Senator.
2.- Evo Morales, beyond ample ideological affinity with the group defeated in the elections in which the Brazilian people elected you as their President, is part of the transnational project known as “The Forum of Sao Paolo”. Here are some facts that I would like to mention:
2.1.- Everything mentioned in the paragraphs above and more, has been made and sustained within the framework of “The Forum of Sao Paolo” and the “Caracas-Havana” axis that with the label of ALBA, Bolivarian Project, or 21st Century Socialism and now simply as “Castroist Chavist” doctrine, has -until recently- controlled Latin America.
2.2.- Evo Morales has humiliated the Bolivian Armed Forces by vindicating and erecting monuments of Che Guevara who invaded my country, has called Fidel Castro “his dad”, is an avowed follower of Hugo Chavez an unrelenting defender of Cuba’s, Venezuela’s and Nicaragua’s dictators and this is how he casts his votes and that of Bolivian representatives at all international forums. He sustains Cuba’s “Slave Physicians” program, thousands of whom are in Bolivia and has publicly offered employment to any of these physicians who abandoned Brazil’s “Mais Medicos” program.
2.3.- Regarding the topic of corruption, the “Lava Jato” scandal has been and continues to be carefully covered up -until now- in order to avoid revealing Evo Morales’ involvement. Only as an example, please allow me to remind you that Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva personally promoted the construction of the highway that violates the indigenous and natural reserve known as “TIPNIS” in Bolivia. The little bit of information that Bolivian public opinion has on the case of the Bolivian Lava Jato comes from cases investigated and revealed in Peru. Evo Morales and his regime are responsible for the death of Jose Maria Bakovic, Director of the National Highway Service who was harassed all the way to his grave to give-in to corruption. It is urgent, Mr. President, that all matters relative to; contracts, cost overruns, bribes, and the involvement of officials from Bolivia and Brazil, ever since the Worker’s Party (PT) took the government, be made openly public, because if the delivery of the results of investigating these matters continues to be from government to government, Evo Morales will continue covering them up.
2.4.- The increase of the production of coca and cocaine as Evo Morales’ regime’s state policy has flooded the region with drugs, turning Brazil into the most impacted country due to its lengthy border with Bolivia and its large population. The increase in the prevalence of cocaine consumption in Brazil, along with the ensuing increase in crime and the enrichment of dangerous criminal groups, threatens Brazilian stability and comes from narcotics’ production in territory controlled by Evo Morales who, at the same time and as a declared friend, has sustained Colombia’s FARC sponsored by Cuba, another source of direct threat and by means of the axis that Venezuela has been turned into.
Undoubtedly, Mr. President you know these facts and many more. You also know that the Castroist Chavist dictatorial regimes in the Americas are; Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and BOLIVIA, that with the same mechanisms and crimes formulated, coordinated, and executed between themselves, oppress their people and threaten democracies such as Brazil’s.
Bolivia’s peoples are fighting for their freedom and to recover democracy. Evo Morales is a dictator who has no intention of leaving the government because he needs impunity and acts under a common strategy with Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, as was proven by the recent meeting of dictators Castro-Diaz Canel, Maduro, Ortega, and Morales in Havana on the 14th and 15th of this month under the umbrella of “ALBA-TCP”.
For three dictators; Cuba’s, Venezuela’s, and Nicaragua’s, respectively, not to be invited to the swearing-in of Brazil’s democratically elected president, while Evo Morales is invited will be tantamount to a reward and great benefit for the attending dictator who will continue simulating a legitimacy of a democracy that is non-existent.
Bolivian Exile* www.carlossanchezberzain.com @csanchezberzain
*Attorney & Political Scientist. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.
*Bolivian exiles who have read the text of this letter are not allowed to sign it due to restrictions that their status as refugees places upon them in Latin American countries such as; Brazil, Peru, and Paraguay.
“The opinions published herein are the sole responsibility of its author”.