Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 78

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Friday 4/22/2022


Harsh letter from Amnesty International to Alberto Fernández: “Human rights problems in Venezuela have not dissipated”
The humanitarian organization issued a strong statement in response to the statements of the Argentine president, who spoke in favor of normalizing diplomatic relations with the Caribbean country because, supposedly, “the accusations against the Maduro regime have been dissipating.”…Read more >>


HRW sees “lack of independent justice” in Bolivia after death of former leader
Human Rights Watch (HRW) lamented the death of the former director of the Bolivian Indigenous Fund Marco Aramayo, imprisoned for more than seven years after denouncing acts of corruption in that public entity, and criticized the absence of “independent justice” in the country. …Read more >>


“Drug trafficking finances dictatorial regimes and foreign cartels”: Juan Carlos Pinzón
“Drug trafficking generates terrorism, generates human rights violations, generates attacks against social leaders, destroys Colombian tropical forests, generates irreparable damage, and even finances dictatorial regimes and foreign cartels,” he added.…Read more >>


César Montúfar files a complaint for the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate two crimes that allowed Jorge Glas to be released from prison
The former presidential candidate and former legislator for Pichincha César Montufar presented, this Wednesday morning, a complaint for the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the crimes of illicit association and evasion that, according to him, occurred to materialize, on April 10, the departure of the Center of Deprivation of Liberty (CPL) of Cotopaxi, in Latacunga, of former Vice President Jorge Glas, who was the beneficiary of a habeas corpus in Manglaralto, Santa Elena.…Read more >>

Ecuador is experiencing an insecurity crisis
The minister added that so far this year “there have been around 1,180 violent deaths. That means that in the first quarter of 2022 we are with what we finished in 2020.”…Read more >>

Cauce Democrático describes the release of Jorge Glas as judicial fraud
The Cauce Democrático civic forum, made up of writers, academics, politicians, artists, journalists, soldiers, businessmen and diplomats, describes as fraudulent the judicial and administrative process that allowed former Vice President Jorge Glas to leave prison.…Read more >>


Nicaragua: relatives of victims of repression demand justice
Four years after the outbreak of the April 2018 protests in Nicaragua, which is commemorated this Monday (04.18.2022), the government of Daniel Ortega is holding more than 177 opponents in prison, including seven former presidential candidates detained before the elections and sentenced to up to 13 years in prison.…Read more >>

Daniel Ortega’s regime outlawed another 25 NGOs in Nicaragua
The Nicaraguan regime, through the Ministry of the Interior, ordered the closure of another 25 NGOs, including the Luisa Mercado Foundation, which is directed by the Nicaraguan writer exiled in Spain, Sergio Ramírez Mercado, the Legislative Branch reported this Monday.…Read more >>

Four years after the protests against Ortega in Nicaragua, families of victims ask for justice
“It hurts to breathe,” was the last thing Álvaro Conrado said after a bullet hit him, when he was bringing water to students protesting against the government of Daniel Ortega four years ago in Nicaragua. His life stopped, and so did his family’s. He was 15 years old when he died and was still in college. The protests had started on April 18, 2018. Two days later, in the midst of demonstrations, he was shot, apparently by a sniper.…Read more >>

Blacklists, arrests, deportations and exile: the drama of the musicians and their songs under the regime of Daniel Ortega
Two musicians were arrested on April 12, another two were expelled from the country, another was prohibited from entering Nicaragua, some would have quietly gone into exile and many more have reported sieges, which include police demands or patrols in front of their homes. in the midst of this new wave of repression. The musicians became the main target of the regime due to the possibility that their songs recall the April of four years ago that torments the Ortega and Murillo regime.…Read more >>

Nicaragua: IAPA will start a campaign to demand that Daniel Ortega release journalists
They will promote an action plan for multilateral organizations to help restore freedom of expression. You will see the situation of other countries on the continent…Read more >>


Pedro Castillo | Ipsos: The rejection of Castillo broke a record in the ninth month of government
Ipsos and Datum pollsters coincide in marking 76% disapproval for Castillo at the national level. In the last 20 years, no other president has reached similar levels of disapproval so soon into office.…Read more >>


Advances in Venezuela? The data that deny the reasons of Alberto Fernández to resume the link
The million-dollar campaign “Venezuela was fixed” already has its diplomatic version. The controversial statements by President Alberto Fernández, who opted to formalize diplomatic relations with Chavismo in the face of the alleged positive advances of the Bolivarian dictatorship, have joined the effort led by the main international partners since last year to whitewash the government of Nicolás Maduro .…Read more >>