Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 84

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Thursday 5/12/2022


President of Bolivia will not attend the Summit of the Americas if the US excludes countries
The president of Bolivia, the leftist Luis Arce, announced that he will not attend the Summit of the Americas if the United States “persists” in its decision to exclude other countries, assuming the same position as Mexico.…Read more >>


Marcelo Pecci, specialized prosecutor against drug trafficking in Paraguay, is killed in Colombia
The prosecutor of the Specialized Unit for the Fight against Drug Trafficking of Paraguay, Marcelo Pecci, was assassinated in Colombia, the Police of that country reported this Tuesday, adding in a statement that its director will lead the investigations of the event, which occurred on the island of Baru, south of Cartagena. Officials from Paraguay and the United States are also expected to participate in the investigations. The prosecutor was on the beach with his wife, journalist Claudia Aguilera, when two subjects got off a jet ski and shot him, Paraguayan Interior Minister Federico González told CNN…Read more >>


International organizations denounce the regime’s harassment of journalist Cynthia de la Cantera Toranzo
The NGOs Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Article 19 denounced on Monday the Cuban government’s harassment of independent journalist Cynthia de la Cantera Toranzo, who exposed the most recent pressures to which she has been subjected by State Security…Read more >>

Latin America

The US warns of Russia’s “commitment” to Venezuela and its “support” to Cuba
The agreements that Russia has made with countries such as Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, to try to expand access to markets and natural resources in Latin America, were identified as “threats to transnational security” of the United States, cites a report presented Tuesday by US intelligence chiefs. According to the evaluation of the US intelligence services, based on the findings of different internal and external agencies, “Russia has increased its commitment to Venezuela” and provided “support” to Cuba using “arms and energy sales agreements” . Such alliances seek, according to the document, “to try to expand access to markets and natural resources in Latin America.”…Read more >>

The Puebla Group and CELAC aspire to replace the OAS
The Chavista network TeleSUR published the following message on its Twitter account on Tuesday: “The Puebla Group and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) called this Monday to hold a Summit of the Americas without excluding any nation, in a clear message to its organizers.”…Read more >>


Opinion | The murders of three journalists in one week show the tragedy of Mexico
“When they are really going to kill you, no one tells you,” said Mexican journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez in an interview with the newspaper Noroeste, from exile, in 2011. He fled the state of Sinaloa because he felt at risk of death. This May 5, his body was found wrapped in oilcloth south of Culiacán, the capital, and was later identified by his relatives. Luis Enrique was 59 years old and his murder occurred five days after the fifth anniversary of the murder of journalist Javier Valdez, one of the key figures in Mexican journalism.…Read more >>

Report: drug trafficking from Mexico and illegal immigration threaten US security
An evaluation of the United States intelligence services, based on findings from different internal and external agencies, indicates that drug trafficking, mainly from Mexico, and the increase in illegal immigration threaten the health and safety of millions of Americans. …Read more >>


Ortega now seeks to prosecute members of the Catholic Church
The victims of the dictatorship in Nicaragua are increasing, now Ortega seeks to imprison priests and confiscate the assets of those who do not support his regime.…Read more >>


Pedro Castillo | The lies of the president’s friends further implicate him in corruption case
If President Pedro Castillo’s friends, former Transport Minister Juan Silva and contract manager Zamir Villaverde, thought they were protecting him when they lied to authorities, they were wrong. Juan Silva and Zamir Villaverde, close to the head of state, denied knowing each other or having had any kind of contact. But prosecutors Karla Zecenarro and Luz Taquire crossed dates, searched files and questioned effective collaborators and witnesses, and determined that Silva and Villaverde did know each other and frequented each other.…Read more >>

Summit of the Americas

Boycott the Summit of the Americas of countries allied with the dictatorships?
Luis Arce joined the demands of the president of Mexico that he threatens not to attend the Summit of the Americas if the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are not invited…Read more >>