Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 83

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Tuesday 5/10/2022


UNITAS Observatory: In four months, 61 violations of press freedom were recorded
There are 61 violations of press freedom that have been registered so far this year, of which two are the most recurrent: the stigmatization of journalists (16 cases) and the impediment to access to information (16 cases), according to the Observatory of Human Rights Defenders of UNITAS. Four other recurring violations are attacks on journalists (15 cases), threats against journalists (seven cases), attacks on a media outlet (four cases) and censorship (three cases). cases). Regarding cases of stigmatization, it stands out that in recent months those who have committed it the most are former government officials such as former President Evo Morales, former Vice President Álvaro García Linera and former Minister Juan Ramón Quintana.…Read more >>


Gustavo Petro promised to restore relations with Venezuela if he becomes President
Once again, presidential candidate Gustavo Petro reaffirmed one of his most controversial campaign promises: to restore Colombia’s diplomatic relations with the Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela.…Read more >>

The former FARC, led by Timochenko, officially support the presidential candidacy of Gustavo Petro
For Tuesday, May 10, an event is scheduled to take place in the center of Bogotá, in which the members of the Comunes party, former members of the Farc-EP, will formalize their support for the presidential campaign of Gustavo Petro…the former guerrilla commanders they will explain the reasons why they will support Petro and his vice-presidential formula.…Read more >>

Colombia | Medellín: Drug trafficking and drug consumption soar in the birthplace of Pablo Escobar
Ten years ago there were 160 drug smuggling points, according to the police, but independent studies estimate that today the figure is around 800 “places”.…Read more >>

Latin America

AMLO defends Latin American socialist tyrannies against Joe Biden
AMLO wants to become a defender of the countries taken over by socialism in Latin America, for which he has been advocating, for example, before the president of the United States, Joe Biden, so that the socialist tyrannies at the continental level – those of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua – are not excluded from the Summit of the Americas.…Read more >>

Interpol: Illegal gold mining is devastating Latin America
Last month, Brazil took aim at illegal gold mines that had appeared in its Amazon region. Some 30 tons of the valuable mineral are believed to be mined from the region each year.…Read more >>


The recomposition of drug trafficking in Mexico: more than 500 armed groups operate in the country, according to a study
At least 543 armed groups —born between 2009 and 2020— make up the criminal geography of Mexico. This is demonstrated by a study carried out by the Crisis Group organization, which classifies these gangs into criminal, self-defense and study organizations with a political bent.…Read more >>

Cuba: AMLO supports the repression on the island, by Tere Vale
The closeness that AMLO has with Cuba and other dictatorial and repressive governments was not news to many Mexicans. The Mexican president, amid cheers from carriers, receiving awards, mambo, mojitos and red carpets, announces with great satisfaction that “a new stage in the bilateral relationship” has opened.…Read more >>


Ortega opponent in Nicaragua sentenced to eight years
Former diplomat Edgar Parrales, a harsh critic of President Daniel Ortega, will serve his sentence under house arrest. …Read more >>

The Iranian regime promised oil aid to the Nicaraguan dictatorship
Iran promised this Friday with Nicaragua to supply oil derivatives, to participate in crude exploration and analyze the possibility of investing in a refinery to “neutralize the aggression and sanctions” of the United States, after a visit that a delegation from the Iranian regime made to the country.…Read more >>

Daniel Ortega seeks to prosecute priests and confiscate the assets of those who criticize his regime
The Sandinista parliament passed a report that proposes to support the penalties for “treason against the fatherland” in the Penal Code. “He wants to keep people in the peace of the grave,” say human rights advocates…Read more >>


The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, wife investigated for alleged plagiarism of a master’s thesis
The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, and his wife are being investigated by Peruvian prosecutors for allegedly plagiarizing his master’s thesis…Read more >>



HRW denounces collusion between the Venezuelan military and the ELN
A report by the international organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) points to the Venezuelan security forces of carrying out operations with the Colombian guerrilla group the National Liberation Army (ELN), and of causing “a dramatic increase in violence in the first months of 2022”, in the border departments of Arauca, in Colombia, and Apure, in Venezuela. The report Colombia/Venezuela: Abuses by armed groups in the border area, was published on March 28.…Read more >>