Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 82

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Thursday 5/5/2022


Organization asks Biden not to include Bolivia in the Summit of the Americas
The organization Global Human Rights League (GHRL) sent a letter to the president of the United States, Joe Biden, in which they ask him not to include any representative of the regime of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), in Bolivia, in the Summit of the Americas , because it does not respect human rights and fundamental freedoms in that country.…Read more >>


Ecuador: Military Assume Control of Provinces Taken Over by Drug Traffickers and Organized Crime 
The state of exception is in effect from Saturday in the coastal Guayas, Manabí and Esmeraldas and includes a curfew at night for the areas with the most violence in towns such as Guayaquil …Read more >>

Human Rights

6 countries that violate press freedom are part of the UN Human Rights Council
On World Freedom Day, the NGO Reporters Without Borders Press reveals its list of countries where press freedom is most violated and the work of journalists is attacked, creating “increasingly poisonous and toxic” environments.…Read more >>

Interamerican Institute for Democracy

Authoritarianism Assaults Latin America’s Press Freedom
The exercise of free press and free expression have become ever more difficult in Latin America. Authoritarian regimes and organized crime are attempting to silence the independent media in order to keep citizens misinformed. That was the warning of notable journalists during a forum entitled “Press Freedom in the Americas”, sponsored by the Interamerican Institute for Democracy, part of Florida International University.…Read more >>

Latin America

Slowdown deepens in Latin America with regional growth forecasted at 1.8% this year, ECLAC report
The economies of Latin America and the Caribbean face a complex situation in 2022 because of the Russia/Ukraine war with its shadow of uncertainty for the world economy. This is negatively affecting global growth, and at regional level, lower expected growth will be accompanied by higher inflation and slower employment recovery. According to new estimates released by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), average growth of 1.8% is anticipated for the region in this context of higher global volatility. South American economies will grow 1.5%, Central America and Mexico 2.3%, while 4.7% growth is expected for the Caribbean economies (excluding Guyana).…Read more >>


Human Rights Watch denounces “escalation of violence” against journalists in Mexico
Eight journalists have been killed so far in 2022 in Mexico, making the country the second deadliest after Ukraine, where at least 12 have died covering the war, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.…Read more >>


At least 120 Nicaraguan journalists have requested refuge in other countries
“Since 2018, at least 120 journalists have been refugees and asylum seekers in other countries,” said the Nicaraguan Independent Journalists and Communicators (PCIN) movement in an annual report released on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day. .…Read more >>

Imprisoned dissidents in Nicaragua receive “a systematic policy of torture” by Daniel Ortega’s regime
The relatives of forty imprisoned dissidents in Nicaragua have denounced this Monday “a systematic policy of torture” aimed at “breaking their bodies and minds”, after visits to those imprisoned in recent days.…Read more >>

The Ortega government is slowly trying to kill political prisoners, says the opposition
The opposition Blue and White National Unity of Nicaragua accused the government of President Daniel Ortega on Tuesday of trying to slowly kill the 181 opponents who are imprisoned and who are considered “political prisoners” by humanitarian organizations. Ortega has branded the imprisoned, tried and convicted opponents as “traitors to the country”, “criminals” and “sons of bitches of the Yankee imperialists”.…Read more >>

Daniel Ortega’s regime outlawed another 50 non-governmental organizations in Nicaragua
The Sandinista majority of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Nicaragua canceled this Wednesday the legal personalities of another 50 Nicaraguan NGOs, bringing the total to 187 civil non-profit organizations that have been outlawed since December 2018, at the request of the regime of President Daniel Ortega .…Read more >>


Confidence in Pedro Castillo plummets as it drops from 37% to 23%
Peruvians who consider that the head of state is not capable of governing grow from 64% to 76%, according to the survey carried out by Ipsos Peru. The result also shows that 73% indicate that the government is going in the wrong direction. As for the cases of alleged corruption under investigation, 58% support the arrest of relatives of President Pedro Castillo.…Read more >>

Pedro Castillo | Universidad César Vallejo clarifies the president and confirms that the thesis delivered to Panorama is a copy of the original
It was detailed that the document has a theoretical framework of 26 pages and all of them were copied in their entirety from national and foreign authors without having cited them.…Read more >>


The stained gold of Venezuela
In 2020, Human Rights Watch documented how residents of the Venezuelan state of Bolívar suffered appalling abuses by armed groups, including criminal organizations known as “sindicatos” and Colombian armed groups that control illegal gold mines. These groups operate largely with the acquiescence or participation of the government to maintain social control.…Read more >>