Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 79

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Wednesday 4/27/2022


Siles: corruption of exFondioc will go unpunished after Aramayo’s death
Luis Eduardo Siles, affirmed this Sunday that the most serious case of corruption of the government of Evo Morales and the MAS was the diversion of money from the State to private accounts through the disappeared Fund Indígena Originario Campesino (Fondioc) that served to “finance ghost projects ”. In this way he referred to the consequences of the death of the former director of the Fondioc, Marco Antonio Aramayo, pointing out that it was a “judicial murder of a political prisoner”…Read more >>


Another attack by Mapuche radicals in the south of Chile: a truck driver was shot in serious condition and 3 vehicles were burned
Three trucks were set on fire in an attack claimed by the Arauco Malleco Coordinator and the driver of another received two bullet wounds and is in serious condition…Read more >>


Interview with Pollo Carvajal’s lawyer: Ex-military does have information about Petro
In the framework of an interview granted to national media, the lawyer of former Venezuelan military officer Hugo ‘El Pollo’ Carvajal ―former head of intelligence and counterintelligence of the Venezuelan regime― spoke out to deny the assertions recently made by the defense of Colombian presidential candidate Gustavo Petro , in which he stated that the accused had “nothing to say”, in the face of a scandal over the alleged financing of the Venezuelan regime to political campaigns in Colombia. In the interview, revealed by RCN Radio and NTN 24, the lawyer María Dolores de Arguelles anticipated that Carvajal does have information that she wishes to deliver to the Colombian authorities…Read more >>


Ecuador will ask Belgium for the extradition of Rafael Correa to serve his sentence for corruption
In 2020, the sentence against Rafael Correa for bribery was ratified. The former president, who governed Ecuador for ten years, was sentenced as a direct perpetrator by instigation. Between 2012 and 2016, during Correa’s second term, high-ranking government officials, including Jorge Glas, received bribes from multinationals, including Odebrecht. The money was used to finance the Alianza PAIS movement, with which Correa became President in 2006.…Read more >>

Latin America

The Risks of Chinese Engagement in the Americas
In the past two decades, People’s Republic of China- (PRC) based companies have invested $160 billion in Latin America. Twenty one of our neighbors there have pledged themselves to China’s “Belt and road Initiative.”…Read more >>


30 facts that show how Ortega and Murillo impose censorship in Nicaragua
The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo deprives Nicaraguans of the full exercise of freedom of the press and of expression, through the closure of media outlets, political persecution, threats, harassment, approval of repressive laws, criminalization, and imprisonment…Read more >>

Four years after the protests against Ortega in Nicaragua, families of victims ask for justice
“It hurts to breathe,” was the last thing Álvaro Conrado said after a bullet hit him, when he was bringing water to students protesting against the government of Daniel Ortega four years ago in Nicaragua. His life stopped, and so did his family’s. He was 15 years old when he died and was still in college. The protests had started on April 18, 2018. Two days later, in the midst of demonstrations, he was shot, apparently by a sniper.…Read more >>

At least 103 attacks against freedom of the press in Nicaragua during March
The regional network of Latin American civil society organizations Voces del Sur reported on Wednesday that at least 103 attacks against press freedom occurred in Nicaragua last March, a month in which Journalist’s Day in the Central American country is highlighted. …Read more >>


Pedro Castillo announced that they will propose a referendum to consult a new Constitution
The president of Peru made the announcement during his speech at the decentralized Council of Ministers this Friday in Cusco. Let us remember that the request for a Constituent Assembly has been present in the last demonstrations inside the country.…Read more >>