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Monday, January 10th, 2022

The Americas

China Driving Marxist Takeover of Latin America: ‘Aggressive Hostility Towards the United States’

A new wave of Marxist victories at the ballot box has spread throughout Latin America and a former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense says Chinese communists are behind the leftward shift. Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy who served at the Pentagon during the Reagan administration, said the Marxist trend will continue this year, possibly leading to communist takeovers elsewhere in South America.
CBN News:

Institutions in remote Honduras are permeated by organized drug crime

it is a place that is outside the dynamics of global economy. So there is not much chance of survival or of agency on a better future for – especially for the young people of the region. But drug trafficking – that’s the best offering of a better life that they have in that region. It’s an impoverished region controlled by big agro-industrial businessmen and drug traffickers.
WFAE 90.7:

Latin America: the siege against girls and teenagers

A study published by the Latin America and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of Women’s Rights (Cladem) shows the horror: in our countries girls and adolescents live a constant siege that damages their lives and ends them. Sexual violence has been consolidated as a crime that triggers other violence against women: disappearance, feminicide, suicide, adolescent pregnancy, death by clandestine abortion. For them there is no safe place to take refuge.
La Verdad de Juárez, in Spanish:

Special Report: The San Pablo Forum plans for Latin America

The São Paulo Forum begins with small acts of destabilization, which intensify when elections in democratic countries approach, as demonstrated by violent actions in Chile and Colombia. It is worth remembering the guidelines of the São Paulo Forum emanating from the meeting in Managua in 2017: “The Left must propose to take over all the institutions and not only the presidency or the congress. It is very important to take over the judiciary, the military apparatus and the media.”
ICN Diario, in Spanish:

Former leftist Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos: “Legalizing drugs is the only way”

“Drug trafficking, or at least the violence it generates, will end when we adopt a policy other than prohibitionism and repression,” said the Colombian leader, in an intrerview with El Tiempo.
El Tiempo, in Spanish:


Argentina says IMF economic plan would derail its recovery

Economy Minister Martín Guzmán says economic plan proposed by the IMF as part of a US$40-billion debt renegotiation would derail the country’s recovery.
Buenos Aires Times:

Falklands (Malvinas) row erupts as Argentina issues stunning nuclear weapons warning to UK

The South American country has threatened to escalate the issue if more details emerge of nukes in waters around the Falklands Islands – known in Argentina as Islas Malvinas. The now declassified document headed “Top Secret Atomic” reveals HMS Hermes carried 18 of the lethal weapons, HMS Invincible transported 12 while the rest were conveyed on a ship of the Royal Fleet named Regent.

The women filling jails in Argentina for drug offences: a photo essay

Nearly half the female prisoners in Argentina are serving time for drug possession. Photographer Magalí Druscovich visited the Unit 47 prison in Buenos Aires to find out their stories.
The Guardian:


Tensions rise again against Peru’s Las Bambas mine, despite latest deal

Peruvian Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez said on Friday she would travel again next Friday to an area of frequent protests against MMG Ltd’s (1208.HK) Las Bambas copper mine as tensions with community protesters build up once again. The trip will be Vasquez’s third to the area since she was appointed in October, following repeated road blockades that have disrupted Las Bambas’ operations.

Almost 100,000 children lost parents to Covid in Peru

Covid-19 killed at least one parent or primary caregiver for nearly 100,000 children in Peru, the country with the world’s highest coronavirus death rate, its government reported Thursday.


Government campaign against Covid-19 collides with the anti-vaccine bases of Evo Morales’ MAS party

When Bolivia suffers an unprecedented explosion of Covid-19 infections, the vaccination policy of the leftist president Luis Arce has encountered resistance from various leaders and social sectors of the ruling party MAS, who are against inoculation and the decrees that establish the obligation to carry a vaccination card.
France 24, in Spanish:érica-latina/20220108-bolivia-vacunacion-gobierno-mas-contagios

This is how Bolivia’s ‘Pablo Escobar’ was arrested in Colombia, for charges in the U.S.

Transnational drug lord, of Bolivian nationality, Omar Rojas Echeverría, will be sent to the U.S. to faces charges of leading a drug trafficking organization with links in Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. According to confidential information revealed by Colombian Semana magazine, Echeverría has close relations at the highest levels of the leftist government in Bolivia, where he is considered a kind of Pablo Escobar.
Semana Magazine, in Spanish:


President of Ecuador will visit China to renegotiate debt and strengthen ties

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso will make an official visit to China in February, coinciding with the Winter Olympics, with which he will try to renegotiate the debt of more than $5 billion, and at the same time strengthen bilateral relations., in Spanish:á-china-para-renegociar-deuda-y-afianzar-lazos/47249066

U.S. revokes visa to the controversial former president of the Ecuadorian Supreme Electoral Tribunal

The United States revoked the visa of Jorge Acosta, a lawyer who has been president of the disappeared Supreme Electoral Court who has defended controversial political and private personalities such as former president Lucio Gutiérrez, former comptroller Carlos Pólit, the dismissed mayor Jorge Yunda and Jaime Baquerizo, partener of Enrique Cadena, fugitive from Ecuadorian justice.
El Universo, in Spanish: