Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 4

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Interamerican Watch Newsletter

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October 13th, 2021

(Casto Ocando Editor)




Former Director of the Intelligence Police accuses President Castillo of being a Shining Path operator

José Luis Gil, former director of the Special Intelligence Group (GEIN, in spanish) of the Ministry of the Interior, assured documentation in his power proves that the current Minister of Education, Carlos Gallardo, has been involved with the terrorist organization Sendero Luminoso (SL), through the radical educators union Conare, considered a political arm of SL, a situation that places President Castillo as a “functional operator” of the terrorist group.

“Gallardo was put by President Castillo himself (…) everyone, from the beginning and during the campaign, is experts in lying, in hiding. Their goal is the socialist revolution,” he said.

(Peru21 in Spanish)



Yacu Kallpa: Illegal Timber and Impunity in Peru

Six years after investigators in Peru took down a massive timber trafficking operation that shipped millions of dollars’ worth of illegal hardwood, more than 90 people have been indicted and a US importer has been forced to pay restitution.
This has been a small victory in the battle against illegal logging in Peru’s Amazon, but one unlikely to be repeated in a climate of increasing impunity.

The two major developments come in the case of the Yacu Kallpa, the ship that carried the wood and whose name became synonymous with the country’s notoriously corrupt timber industry after its numerous runs from the Peruvian jungle city of Iquitos to Houston, Texas.




Castillo’s Minister of the Interior continues to attack Peru’s anti-drug agency Covida and prompts director’s resignation

The executive president of the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs – Devida, Fidel Pintado, presented his “irrevocable” resignation from the post after the “unjustified attack” against his anti-drug trafficking work from the Minister of the Interior, Luis Barranzuela, who accused Devida of mishandling resources from international cooperation, and committing acts of corruption without showing any evidence. Previosly, Barranzuela had stopped previously scheduled plans to eradicate illegal coca crops in Peru’s largest coca growing area, VRAEM.

(Peru21 in Spanish)



New social conflicts in Peru hit 10-month high

Seven new social conflicts were registered in Peru in September, the highest number since November 2020, when 11 new cases were recorded.

That is according to the latest social conflicts report from the country’s ombudsman, Defensoría del Pueblo.

The new conflicts emerged in the regions of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Huánuco, Junín, Lima and Piura, and include claims against mining companies over alleged non-fulfillment of pledges, and water, sanitation and medical demands.




More than 200 species of wild animals sourced from the Amazon rainforest are being illegally sold at markets in Peru

Wild animals from Amazon rainforest are being sold illegally at markets in Peru. Undercover investigation found more than 200 species in appalling conditions, including dolphins, sloths, manatees, jaguars, turtles and primates, all sold at Belén market, Peru’s largest open market. World Animal Protection carried out probe and published report into the scandal

(Daily Mail)




Argentine inflation is world’s fourth highest, says IMF

Argentina’s inflation turned out to be the world’s fourth-highest, according to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) World Economic Outlook report released Tuesday in Washington.

The study does not include inflation forecasts in the case of Argentina, because of the ongoing negotiations, which may impact those figures significantly.

Venezuela (2,700%) tops the inflation list, followed by Sudan (115.5%) and Suriname (48.6%), with Yemen (45%) and Zimbabwe (41%) behind.




Argentina tells business executives IMF deal  won’t happen in 2021

Argentina’s president Alberto Fernández told a group of eight top businessmen that a deal with the International Monetary Fund to pay $45 billion in debt pending for this year, won’t be possible in 2021.




Video adds weight to claim Maradona “trafficked” 16-year-old Cuban girl from Cuba to Argentina, with knowledge of the Cuban dictatorship

Mavys Alvarez is listed as plaintiff on case filed with Argentina’s Office of Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons. She says she was trafficked from Cuba to Argentina in 2001 as minor without her parent’s permit.




Cuban Officials assist soccer star Diego Maradona in grooming and trafficking a 16-year-old-girl? Was this done to gain “kompromat”?

 Cubans in 2001 were not allowed to travel outside of the island. Fidel Castro gave the authorization for the minor to travel with Maradona. According to Mavys Álvarez, “the only way to travel was either with the permission of the parents, being at least 18 years old, or through Fidel. Maradona was able to get the authorization and she traveled out of the country in November 2001.





US announces $150 million loan to Produbanco of Ecuador to support Women’s enterprises, green projects, to compete with China’s initiatives

The Biden administration this week announced a $150 million loan to support women-owned businesses in Ecuador, a step the White House sees as a model for the kind of projects the United States plans to support as it kicks off a new initiative to compete with China’s Belt and Road global investment and lending program.

The U.S. loan goes to Banco de la Producción, which officials say will ultimately be used to help finance women-owned and women-run businesses in Ecuador.

(Microcapital) and (NPR)



Ecuador’s Guillermo Lasso says he’d paid more than $588 million in taxes, in response to Pandora Papers revelations

The Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso, published this Tuesday the detail of personal and business taxes paid between the years 2005 and 2020, that in total add up to more than 588 million dollars, after his involvement in the investigation called Pandora Papers, which exposes financial information in tax havens of leaders, artists and international figures.

“I firmly believe in what I preach: those who have the most, contribute the most. I have contributed to Ecuador with 588 million dollars in taxes in recent years. And I will continue to do so. To insinuate otherwise is not correct,” the president wrote in his twitter account.

(Market Research Telecast)





Bolivian protesters block streets, allege ‘persecution’ by government

Bolivia’s opposition blocked streets in the country’s main cities on Monday in protest against the government of President Luis Arce, whom they accuse of “political persecution”.

Police responded with tear gas to disperse crowds in the capital La Paz and in the city of Cochabama in central Bolivia.

A month after completing his first year in office, the leftist president faced his first protests, driven by opponents who accuse him persecuting political rivals.