Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 39

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Monday, January 3rd, 2022

The Americas

Latin America ended 2021 with an unfavorable balance in the fight against criminal networks

During the year that has ended, a growing dynamic has been observed in groups related to drug trafficking and money laundering in the region. The ties of these criminal networks have become closer to extra-continental organizations and most of them are linked to terrorist organizations in the Middle East
The Gal Times:

The 38 torture methods used by the Daniel Ortega regime against political prisioners

A researcher from the Nicaraguan Pro Transparency and Anticorruption Observatory made a shocking compilation based on the cases reported in the last four years.
Infobae, in Spanish:

Statue of Mexico’s Lopez Obrador in opposition stronghold toppled after two days

A statue of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador that had been erected in an important opposition stronghold lasted just two days, the state prosecutor said, after photographs of the apparent vandalism were shared on social media.


Judge investigates corruption linked to Cristina Kirchner in hundreds of properties, including condos in Miami and New York

The properties belonged to the late Daniel Muñoz, former secretary of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner between 2003 and 2009. Muñoz was accused of receiving large cash bribes in the same apartment in Buenos Aires that Cristina Kirchner now occupies. So far 113 properties have been identified inside and outside of Argentina, presumably the product of corruption.
La Nacion, in Spanish:

Authorities arrested gang that trafficked drugs from Argentina to Uruguay

The Uruguayan Police seized almost 60 kilos of cocaine paste after intercepting the drug delivery in Montevideo. There they captured a 27-year-old man, a narco leader of a gang that brought drugs from Argentina to sell them to local consumers.
Infobae, in Spanish:


Peru’s inflation closes 2021 at 13-year high

Peru has ended 2021 with inflation of 6.43%, the highest rate in 13 years and well above the upper end of the central bank’s target, the government said on Saturday. The South American country, one of the world’s largest producers of minerals, had an annual inflation target of 1% to 3% last year.

Venezuelan migrants in Peru struggle, lack healthcare (Video)

More than one million Venezuelans have fled to Peru in recent years, escaping poverty and political chaos back home. Often working for a pittance, 80 percent of them lack access to basic services and do not have health insurance.
Al Jazeera:

Peruvian journalist suffered 206 attacks during 2021, mostly for political reasons

According to the National Association of Journalists of Peru, most of the attacks were threats/harassment with 61 cases, followed by physical and verbal aggression.
Peru21, in Spanish:


Corruption cases will dominate large part of the judicial agenda for 2022

Cases as the Isspol, Narco generals, Las Torres, Singue and Sucre System are the ones that generate the most expectations in the new year. Some of them will be decisive for the future of politicians like Jorge Glas.
Primicias, in Spanish:


Poll: Bolivians see corruption as the main problem, even more than the pandemic

The scourge of corruption is the main problem afflicting the country, even above the Covid-19 pandemic and unemployment, according to the recent survey that Cultura Interactiva carried out for Página Siete. That study, which was conducted between December 7 and 12, 2021, identified that more than 30%, the majority, consider that corruption is the main problem in the country.
Pagina Siete, in Spanish: