Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 26

Interamerican Watch Newsletter

Inter-American Watch

Friday November 3rd, 2021
(Casto Ocando, Editor)


Peru prosecutors to question president Castillo amid impeachment threat

Peruvian prosecutors have called President Pedro Castillo in for questioning as part of an investigation into the promotion of certain military officers, adding pressure on the socialist leader as legislators weigh an impeachment process.
Al Jazeera:

Pedro Castillo ignores Attorney General’s investigation, and want to be probed by peasant organizations instead

President Castillo announced the creation of an office for the peasant organization known as “ronderos” so they – and not the Attorney General’s office – who probe his administration. He said it yesterday, after Attorney General Zoraida Ávalos had summoned him for next Tuesday, December 14, in order to take his statement on the alleged interference of the Executive in promotions in the Armed Forces.
Peru21, in Spanish:

Peruvian Congress investigates president Castillo’s nephew for his involvement in the clandestine meetings’ scandal

Congresswoman Kira Alcarraz, president of the Investigative Commission on irregularities in the Health sector during the pandemic, summoned President Pedro Castillo’s nephew, Fray Vásquez Castillo, for his participation in the “clandestine” meetings at the home of Jiron Sarratea, in Breña.
Caretas, in Spanish:

The Attorney General’s office to investigate former Castillo’s assistant for corruption

La fiscal de la Nación, Zoraida Ávalos, abrió una investigación contra el exsecretario presidencial Bruno Pacheco Castillo por la presunta comisión de enriquecimiento ilícito luego de evaluar los primeros hallazgos relacionados a un posible desbalance patrimonial.
Caretas, in Spanish:

Terrorist from Shining Path still operating in Lima, authorities say

Police officers from the anti-terrorist unit Dircote and personnel from the Armed Forces arrested Cristian Samaniego Herrera (23), a member of the terrorist organization Shining Path who was operating in Vizcatán del Ene, in Lima, upon learning about the displacement of members of the terrorist organization from the coca-growing area Vraem to Lima and vice versa.
Peru21, in Spanish:


Central Bank reserves at the limit as rumors swirl around Argentina

According to the Ecolatina consultancy firm, by the end of the year, net reserves (including gold and excluding SDRs – and the coming payment of more than US$1.8 billion to the Fund) will be below US$4 billion.
Buenos Aires Times:

Police in Argentina have a problem with violence against women, critics say

Argentina recorded more than 250 femicides in 2020, one every 35 hours. 41% of the victims had previously filed complaints. In the first eight months of 2021, the advocacy group Mumalá registered at least 118 femicides. In 13% of the confirmed cases, Mumalá estimates, the perpetrator was a member of the security forces.

Washington Post:


Authorities seized 1.3 tons of cocaine valued at $43 million, destined to Europe

A cache of 1,298 kilograms of cocaine was inside the container of a ship that was passing through Buenaventura and planned to continue to Cartagena, according to information provided by Vice Admiral Francisco Cubides, commander of the Pacific Naval Force.
Infobae, in Spanish:


At least 17 close associates of former president Evo Morales appointed to key diplomatic posts, government offices

The Bolivian foreign service is the field most occupied by those close to Evo Morales. Among them: Héctor Arce State, in the Organization of American States (OAS); Diego Pary, at the United Nations; and Roberto Aguilar, Unesco. In addition, were appointed ambassadors Nardi Suxo, in Spain; Sonia Brito, in Italy; Carlos Aparicio, in Peru; Ramiro Tapia, in Argentina; Sebastián Michel, in Venezuela; José Crespo, in Mexico; and Romina Pérez, in Iran, all of them close allies of Morales.
El Deber, in Spanish: