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Monday, November 29th, 2021
(Casto Ocando, Editor)


The suspicious meetings of Pedro Castillo in Breña

A house in the Sarratea passage of the Breña district, in Lima, which president Pedro Castillo used as an elections headquarters, continues to be today -four months after he assumed the Presidency- a meeting point ith senior officials and business people who enter and leave in the middle of the night with luxurious cars and heavy security details. All the meetings occur despite warnings from the office of the Comptroller General regarding potential violations of transparency laws
Peru21, in Spanish:

Pedro Castillo breaks transparency rules by holding secret meetings, experts say

According to experts, president Pedro Castillo It is violating three regulations of the Peruvian legal system: the transparency law, the management of interests law, and the declaration of conflict of interest rule.
Peru21, in Spanish:

87% of Peruvians think the $20,000 found in the Presidential Palace came from corruption

The latest Ipsos survey released in the Fourth Branch showed that for 87% of Peruvians the US $ 20,000 found in the bathroom of the office of Bruno Pacheco, former secretary general of President Pedro Castillo, are the product of an act of corruption and not of savings of the former official, as stated in his defense before the Prosecutor’s Office.
El Comercio, in Spanish:

Thousands of Peruvian protest against president Castillo, in favor of impeachment

A group of protesters demonstrated at Lima’s Government Palace with sticks and banners to demand the impeachment of Pedro Castillo, amid clashes with the National Police.
Peru21, in Spanish:


Cristina Kirchner breaks silence, pushes IMF decision to Congress

Argentina’s Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner broke her silence on a deal between the country and the International Monetary Fund, saying the approval will be the responsibility of the entire Congress, not hers.
Buenos Aires Times:

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her children cleared in money-laundering case

Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her two children, Florencia and Máximo, have been cleared in the ‘Hotesur-Los Sauces’ case investigating alleged money-laundering.
Buenos Aires Times:

Two judges that dismissed corruption charges against Cristina Kirchner, under congressional investigation

The elected deputy of Together for Change party, Ricardo López Murphy, asked for the impeachment of Adrián Grünberg and Daniel Obligado, the judges who dismissed Cristina Kirchner’s corruption trial last Friday, citing violation of several regulations.
La Nacion, in Spanish:


Ecuador’s Lasso to create National Anti-corruption Commission

The National Anticorruption Commission that the President’s Government will create will be composed of representatives of the five branches of the State: Judicial, Electoral, Legislative, Transparency and Executive, as well as by the Association of Municipalities (AME), the Consortium of Provincial Councils (Congope) and the Ombudsman’s Office. Two main goals: follow the stolen money, and put corrupt officials in jail.
El Universo, in Spanish:


Evo Morales: “there will not be a coup in Bolivia”

The former president and head of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), Evo Morales, who led a seven-day march in defense of the government of Luis Arce, assured this Monday that there will be no new “coup” in Bolivia.
La Razon, in Spanish:

Holland to probe Bolivian gangs’ involvement in cocaine smuggling to the country

Investigators in Holland will establish who arranged a $5 million cocaine shipment that came into the Rotterdam Port from South America and from there to Ireland. They will also seek to establish if drug gangs from Colombia, Bolivia and Peru were involved in smuggling cocaine to Holland. The huge seizure comes after the EU’s Serious Organised Crime Threat Assessment found that “significant quantities” of cocaine were being transported to Europe by South American crime gangs who were using ex-pats from their own countries to arrange shipments.
The Irish Sun:

Other News: Honduras

Leftist holds commanding lead in Honduran presidential vote

Leftist opposition candidate Xiomara Castro Zelaya, wife of former ousted president Mel Zelaya, held a commanding lead early Monday as Hondurans appeared poised to remove the conservative National Party from power after 12 years of continuous rule. Castro declared herself the winner despite orders from the National Electoral Council to political parties to await official results.
Associated Press: