Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 17

Interamerican Watch Newsletter

Inter-American Watch

Friday 12th, 2021
(Casto Ocando, Editor)


Peru’s Pedro Castillo to sell presidential Boeing jet in cut on perks

Peru’s new left-wing president, Pedro Castillo, says he will sell the presidential plane and use the money to fund health and education. In a speech to mark his first 100 days, he also said he would ban public officials from flying first class.
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Prosecutor opens investigations against Minister of Defense Walter Ayala for misfeasance, influence peddling

Minister Ayala is under investigation due to the presumed pressures and maneuvers he exerted in the process of military promotions that led to the sudden replacement and retirement of the former general commanders of the Peruvian Army, General EP José Vizcarra, and of the Air Force, Gral. del Aire Jorge Chaparro.
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Peru’s Castillo to promote bill that ban accused of corruption to running for public office

President Pedro Castillo his office will present to Congress a bill so that people who are prosecuted for corruption cases cannot run for public office. Castillo said that “in my government no one will steal a sun (the Peruvian currency),” and that he will be the first to denounce corrupt officials and expel them from government.
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Peruvian Judge authorizes data extraction from computers of President Castillo’s key ally Vladimir Cerrón, under investigation for money laundering

According to judge John Pillaca’s order, as of Tuesday, November 16, the prosecutor Richard Rojas Gómez, will be able to extract information from Cerrón devices, including two computers and 14 CDs, as part of a money laundering investigation targetin the Peru Libre party leader.
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Argentina’s hinterland, where cows outnumber people, could tip balance in Congress

Argentina’s central province of La Pampa, a vast area of grasslands home to ten times more cows than residents, usually flies under the radar of big political parties vying for votes.

Opposition candidates in Argentina have 2023 elections in sight

The opposition Together for a Change (JxC) coalition candidates have summed up their proposals for Sunday’s mid-term elections with the 2023 presidential contest insight.
Former Buenos Aires Governor María Eugenia Vidal and Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta called for the return to power of the party which once led Mauricio Macri to the presidency. With victory already seemingly in the bag as far as the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) is concerned, speeches were focused on longer-term goals.

Argentina’s mid-terms: What’s at stake

What is key on Sunday, is how hard voters will punish FdT. A heavy defeat may presage a push by powerful vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for greater state intervention and higher public spending to woo back voters. Cabinet changes may come no matter the outcome, in a bid to instill a sense of renewal and change. All of this – combined with the potential of a tougher stance in debt negotiations with the IMF – would likely deepen macroeconomic imbalances and dampen investor appetite at a time when the resource-rich country could reap more energy transition investment.


Prosecutor investigates former leftist presidential Andres Arauz for unjustified increase in personal wealth

Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that there is an on going investigation against the former leftist presidential candidate Andrés Araúz and 24 other politician from the Alliance 1-5 Union for Hope (UNES), and several companies involved on corruption charges and unjustified increase in personal wealth.
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Former president Rafael Correa summoned to explain his relations with Nicolas Maduro’s front man Alex Saab

An Ecuadorian Congressional commission that investigates corruption summoned former President Rafael Correa and former candidate Andrés Arauz to explain their role in the so-called Sucre Compensation System, used by Alex Saab, the Colombian businessman accused of being a front man for Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. Saab reportedly launder billions using the Sucre system for false exports through his Global Construction Fund company (Flogocons)
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Opposition leader said national strike to be strengthen to fight Government’s decisions that violates citizen rights

Rómulo Calvo, president of the Committee for Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s second largest city, said this Friday that the total closure of food markets over the weekend, is to strengthen the national strike that has been taking place since Monday, in rejection of Law 1386 and other regulations promoted by the socialist Government, which are considered infringements against citizens’ rights.
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