Interamerican Watch Newsletter – Issue 15

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Monday November 8th, 2021
(Casto Ocando, Editor)
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Peruvian Army and National Police seized large cache of weapons amassed by terrorist group Shining Path

The Directorate Against Terrorism (Dircote) of the Peruvian National Police, working together with members of the Army, gave a severe blow to the terrorist group Shining Path (SL) in the VRAEM area by seizing dynamite, hand grenades and a large cache of weapons and ammunition hidden in a storage in Churcampa, Huancavelica. Dircote sources revealed to Peru21 that the terrorist group had prepared all this material to attack some of the police stations in the area.
(Peru21, in Spanish:

Analysis: Pedro Castillo, 100 first days of lack of leadership, internal tensions and unfulfilled promises

Analyst Jeffrey Radzinsky argues that President Pedro Castillo has failed to establish a team and has not consolidated priorities in his early days in power. This is also complemented by the fact that his campaign promises have not been kept. And never has a government in Peru been seen with such high disapproval, in a short time, in the last 30 years.
(Caretas, in Spanish:

In Peru’s Amazon, deforestation and crime sweep through Indigenous communities

Indigenous communities across Ucayali face a similar scenario. According to the analysis, there are at least 16 Indigenous communities under the threat of deforestation caused by drug trafficking. Between 2017 and 2019, 35,525 hectares (87,784 acres) have been affected. Data from 2020 may paint an even direr scene, as Peru lost more forest area last year than in the past 20 years.


Poll: Argentina’s Peronists face painful defeat in midterms

Argentina’s Peronists are likely to suffer a major blow in midterm legislative elections, polls ahead of the Nov. 14 vote show, which could erase the ruling party’s Senate majority as well as its strong position in the lower Chamber of Deputies.
The majority of surveys show the party of President Alberto Fernandez trailing by over 8 points behind the conservative opposition coalition Together for Change, with defeats likely in the populous city and province of Buenos Aires.

Analysys: Argentina’s Welfare state warning to America

Socialist ideologues know that the welfare state is addictive. New entitlements create dependencies that, once born, demand to be fed and to grow no matter the party in power. Argentina proves the rule. The Argentine electorate may be about to throw out the hard-left Peronists in what could be historic midterm elections on Nov. 14.
(Wall Street Journal:


Ecuador’s Lasso ask US, UE for help, resources to fight drug trafficking cartels

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso said a transnational plan with the support of the United States and the European Union is needed to deal with drug trafficking in Ecuador, a problem that he considers “new” for the country. “Fourteen years ago Ecuador was a country recognized as a country of trafficking that went to the United States and Europe, but in the last fourteen years this has increased and has caused a new problem, which is drug use,” he asserted.
(Caretas, in Spanish:

Ecuador: Atack on military radar monitoring drug trafficking

A military radar, recently installed by the Ecuadorian government within the limits of the fight against drug trafficking, was attacked Sunday with an explosive device, which did not cause any casualties; the authorities do not rule out the possibility that it was a “terrorist” act.
“At the moment, the possibility of (committing) a terrorist attack cannot be ruled out,” the defense ministry said in a press release. He clarified that the explosion took place at the radar installation in Montecristi, in the western part of the country.


Bolivia’s Luis Arce begins second year of government amid protests

At the end of the first year in office, president Luis Arce is expected to present a report on the state of the country, in the midst of call of social sectors, civic committees and opposition parties to an indefinite strike against the regulatory package promoted by the ruling party in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP).
(El Diario, in. Spanish: