Hoy todos somos venezolanos

Opposition to the government of Nicolás Maduro has prevailed in the Venezuelan legislative elections. With the final figures still missing, the percentage of assembly members who will remain on each side has not yet been decided. Exceeding the capricious drawing of the electoral constituencies of Chavismo, what is clear is that the opposition will be a majority, although according to the constitution it will be important to know if it is a simple majority, of two thirds or four fifths, by the different requirements for certain concrete actions.

It is not easy to foresee the reaction of the Venezuelan government in the face of the loss of one of the organs of the State, which will be a barrier to the authoritarian exercise of power. Unfortunately, he is not likely to take this defeat in a Republican way and adjust to the new reality.

What is substantial, however, is that the presumed “democratic legitimacy” that he claimed to hold because of the majority support has disappeared. Any future action that they develop will have to go through respect for a new majority that does not want them in government. Or his authoritarianism and dictatorial vocation will be exposed.

These Venezuelan elections are added to the result of those held in Argentina two weeks ago. Between the two, they are setting a course for the recovery of Latin American institutions, which during these decades have been in danger in the “socialism of the XXI century”.