From the Age of Aquarius to the O’Reilly Factor

Former Venezuela Presidential Chief of Staff Beatrice Rangel explains how the transparency brought by the Age of Aquarius is changing the world - from Brazil to Bill O'Reilly.

Conservative TV viewers surely are dumbfounded by the sudden demise of their airwaves hero Bill O’Reilly who was let go by Fox News on account of his perhaps too strong a preference for women.

And while liberal leaning groups campaigned in favor of that outcome, financial and reputational considerations must have carried a great deal of weight in the decision to let go of the most successful cable news TV anchor. Over $12 million in settlements and more pending plus the drop in advertisers whose executives know women decide household acquisitions most probably were the decision drivers.

It is a pity that despite his erudition, he seemed to ignore the world has entered the Age of Aquarius that according to most astrologers “…is causing great turmoil in order to make room for the new values of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity.” Everything with Piscean values is being exposed and taken down. This includes governments, corporations, individuals, and even personal relationships.

And those piscean values have for over two milennia been power, control and money.

This approach to civilization entailed the creation of massive institutions bent on maintaining order and supressing change or when inevitable to channel it through sterilizing institutions.

The foundation of the United States of America can be considered the corner stone for the reversal of that ancient world order. The United States was founded upon the proposition that men should be free to unleash their creative potential. The state should thus protect and expand this basic and fundamental right by means of providing defense, governance and two key public services: education and health care.

The institutional framework should be the guarantor of freedom for the individual and security for the society with security defined as governance. This was and still is a revolutionary concept when contrasted with the institutions that sprang from the European Renaissance.

Mr. O’Reilly lived thus perhaps without knowing in the land of Aquarius. And this demands virtue, as a one of my professors once said. “ Transparency no longer springs from virtue but from necessity. Technology has decreed that none of our actions will ever remain secret. They will come out in the open. The only unknown is when will they be known. It is thus essential to observe prudence in all our acts of life.”

And facts came to the forefront at a time when Mr O’Reilly least expected this incovenient debut.

Yet another corner where the Age of Aquarius is taking hold is in Brazil where the whole edifice of power is being brought down by truth and transparency.

And while many fear this deconstruction of the political system could lead to chaos, others seem to believe that the country is moving towards a solid development stage.

Those that see the current clean up of the Brazilian political system as a sign of progress point to the fact that public funds will not be deviated to individuals through corruption; that the destruction of corruption networks will foster a true separation of powers and that the drying up of state gifts to the business community will promote economic competitivity and trade.

So far statistics seem to prove them right, as second tier business concerns take over those that led the economy for over fifty years and begin to instill transparency and competitiveness in their practices.

Also new political leaders are emerging. These are much better educated and prepared than their predecessors. And most important, they lack ties to corruption channels. In sum, the Age of Aquarius has made a great entrance in our hemisphere.

Published by Latin American Herald Tribune on Sunday April 23rd, 2017

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