From Brexit to Tesla, Progress is Made by Leaders!!!

Today the British society is sizzling with remorse; fear and anguish while the rest of the world prepares to wade the stormy post Brexit weather...

The Brexit episode has brought to the forefront the most undesirable aspect of change in this 21st century: absence of leadership.

Boris Johnson who allegedly incarnated the fight to recoup sovereignty, return to the essence of Britain and to build a society free from regulations and unwanted inflows of foreigners revealed himself to be an enfant terrible lacking a plan to travel the road he sold to the British people and, in a typical childish attitude, without courage to confront the destruction caused by his crusade.
Today the British society is sizzling with remorse; fear and anguish while the rest of the world prepares to wade the stormy post Brexit weather.
On the other shore of the Atlantic, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Commission initiated an investigation into a fatal accident involving a Tesla car in self driving mode that took place on May 7th in Williston Florida.
Contrary to Mr Johnson, the car manufacturers not only are cooperating with the regulator but also taking care of the deceased driver’s family while finding out what went so terribly wrong for the car to have failed to detect the truck crossing its path. And the much celebrated vehicle has been taken away from circulation for the time being up and until the manufacturing teams figure out how to correct the fatal glitch.
Both episodes tend to vividly portray life in the 21st century.
Political leaders seemed to be anchored in the 19th century mentality when people knew little about reality. Consequently, they evade responsibility, play dice with lives and act their “performance” to eager media that will air or print anything that magnetizes advertisement revenue producing attention.
On the other corner of this boxing ring that we dub reality are the tech elves constantly building digital reality for a constituency that demands everything in real time.
And while politicians cling to a waning world of rising expectations by jogging issues and dodging responsibility, the elves constantly transmit information to their constituencies. The political jogging exercise then ceases to be amusing and in absence of following, politicians take their acting to the worst of all extremes — that of destruction.
The aim becomes to destroy rivals, issues, and even institutions to reign supreme over chaos like Batman’s Joker.
Meanwhile the seamless and all-pervasive information shower is creating constituencies doomed to be superficial, with short memory and even shorter wisdom.
They behave like herds that initiate a run without truly understanding what the destination is and what goals are to be achieved.
When unintended consequences disrupt life, leadership vanishes and the herd is left in the wilderness.
Lack of leadership is corroding democracy and melting down international institutions.
A feeling of impotency is beginning to dominate the young and with it a rising sentiment that progress demands action and that the days of watching over the political drama are over.
Chaos inducing outcomes such as Brexit have the virtue of shortening the era of political paralysis among the young. Their mobilization is triggered by shocking events; and once they mobilize, a new logic will enter the political dimension.
Because these youngsters are all digitally born they tend to treat politics as they treat life which to their minds is a cooperative effort.
They know that today it is not as important to know everything but to have the right people creating the kind of knowledge that a given creative effort demands. They tend to share, not to accumulate. They are content-oriented and cause-inspired. They live a transparent life because they know that there are no secrets in the digital world.
These demographics will most probably bring to an end the existing divorce between value creation and political management. And that perhaps is the greatest contribution events like Brexit will ever make to the political progress.
In our hemisphere, generational transition is already sprouting.
President Obama is the first Pacific President the U.S. has ever had and the least attached to post war ideology.
In Argentina, Macri is the first President of Argentina that comes from the business community.
In Paraguay President Horacio Cartes also comes from the business community and has focused on deregulating the country while inviting foreign investors.
The only place where an involution to the baby boomers culture is about to happen is in the United States. Let’s hope that constituents treat whoever becomes the next President of the United States with a reality shock by means of denying him or her congressional control. Then the self-correcting properties of the American system will foster generational change.

Published by Latin American Herald Tribune on July 4th, 2016