Farewell to Princess Leia

Former Venezuela Presidential Chief of Staff Beatrice Rangel on courage and the battle between good and evil in our world.

Few Hollywood stars can hold a job over 40 years while being revered by fans spanning generations.

Few souls can present themselves to the Almighty holding hands with their mothers.

Few stories have had a better pull or a greater following than that of Princess Leia who lived in a Galaxy far, far away from earth.

Carrie Fisher measured up to all these events leaving the world at the precise moment when her passing would mark the end of the Baby Boomers’ Star Wars. And by so doing she left a clean slate for the series to fully enter Millennial territory.

She felt ill while returning from a chain of successful events in London. She died without having a conversation with any of her loved ones, including her mom.

She took with her the serenity and the self-assurance of a modern warrior who has gone through ups and downs, never giving up.

She dealt with her demons through creative playwriting. She cherished her angels through family. She bequeathed to her generation chummies a puzzle that needs to be solved soon should we want our country to overcome the doings of the force.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope,” Princess Leia begged in her star-studded film debut.

Forty years thereafter, the Jedi continue to be the only hope. And why?

Because there is a bright side to the force that pairs its dark side. For the Galaxy to function, balance between these two dimensions needs to be established and preserved. The bright side gives rise to innovation, change and progress. The dark side ties humans to power. Power abhors change, innovation erodes power. Power erosion is progress when tied to institutional development, when tied to personal ambition it turns into a social whip.

Our Galaxy has been literally soaked in innovation for the last five decades. Innovations have slowly but surely munched power thereby bringing down one tyranny too many!

But innovation has also made available to despots the means to control people. Too many planets in the galaxy lack institutions for people to effectively fight despots. Giving them the means to do so is fundamental to the safety of our galaxy.

And this starts with getting our vision of the world and of ourselves right. Messy places break order and favor shady deals and individuals.

Keeping the world in order demands application of intergalactic regulations. These aim at establishing and preserving order. Our role on our planet is to deny refuge to bandits like Jabba, the smuggler who used innovation to help power grabbers.

Dealing with messy places is thus the first and utmost duty placed upon our shoulders by Princess Leia. Let’s see how we fare in terms of applying the force to her quest!!

Published by Latin American Herald Tribune one Monday January 2nd, 2017. 


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