Evo Morales “By Law” Expands Coca Cultivation and Confirms Narco-State Designator in Bolivia.

Morales from Bolivia has flooded with cocaine its neighboring countries.

Ever since the nineties Evo Morales has been the top leader of the illegal coca growers` unions in Bolivia.  These unions are his mechanism to exert pressure, mobilize, and threaten, with which he established a political party.  Copying the logo from an ultra-right party known as Bolivian Socialist Party (Falange Socialista Boliviana in Spanish) similar to the MAS, Movement Towards Socialism (Movimiento al Socialismo in Spanish), and disguised as a “political party” when, in reality, it was only the political participation of groups who were involved in cocaine production and trafficking.  The coca growers` leader took the government with his unions, sponsored and sustained by the Castro-Chavez scheme that we know nowadays as 21st Century Socialism (SSXXI) that comprised by Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua declared itself to be anti-imperialist and claims “the war on drugs is the imperialism`s instrument of oppression” (speech of Evo Morales at the U.N. in 2016.

Cocaine is the most important alkaloid within the coca leaf.  “The amount of cocaine extracted from fresh leaves range from 0.1% to 1%.”  Cocaine, as a drug, starts with the drying of the coca leaf and the addition of chemical precursors and it is prohibited, penalized, and highly addictive because it is a “stimulant that directly affects the brain” and has become one of the most important illegal drugs.  All the cocaine in the world is produced in South America in the Andes` region making Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia the main producers.  The amount of cocaine production is directly linked to the amount of coca leaf cultivation.  The most common ways of cocaine consumption is through inhalation or intravenous injection, causing “mental effects that trigger the loss of touch with reality, aggressiveness, increased alertness, and persecution mania.”  Cocaine is a “hard” drug.

The U.N. reports that 94% of the coca leaf harvested by Evo`s unions in Chapare, Bolivia “does not go through the lawfully established market” in other words it is used for cocaine production.  Production of cocaine has already been incorporated as an activity of the coca leaf growers who are members of the government`s ruling party.  All evidence of wrongdoing is hidden to Bolivian and international public opinion by the government.  The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has been expelled and is demonized because Evo Morales wants to directly control the coca leaf production with the corresponding result of increased cocaine production that specialized agencies now report.

Morales from Bolivia has flooded with cocaine its neighboring countries.  Argentina is now considered the world`s greatest consumer of cocaine.  The nations of Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia suffer a dramatic increase in cocaine consumption.  Venezuela and Bolivia are suspect to have become “narco-states”.  In Venezuela, handling the FARC`s and Evo`s cocaine production, all narcotics trafficking appears to be centralized to the point of recently having its Vice President accused and the dictator Maduro`s nephews jailed for narcotics trafficking in New York.  Evo Morales` anti narcotics czar is currently serving a jail sentence for narcotics trafficking into the U.S.  The diplomatic narcotics` pouch incident from Ecuador is far from being cleared, Correa`s protection to the FARC was evidenced as a result of the bombing raid on Angostura.  The shady character known as “pollo Carvajal” is a member of the dictatorship`s Venezuelan National Assembly.  Arguments to defend narcotics trafficking have been ideologized by the 21st Century Socialism (SSXXI).  For the SSXXI the subject of cocaine production is a matter of vital political importance, an “instrument against the empire” and this is why they have hidden –through a populist and nationalistic discourse against the United States- the expansion of narcotics trafficking. Placing this policy in practice Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador while violating international agreements have expelled DEA, USAID and U.S. Ambassadors.  Currently we have no U.S. Ambassadors in Venezuela or Bolivia.  Ecuador has physically removed the U.S. from the counter-narcotics base at Manta.  Led by Cuba the whole of SSXXI has sustained, protected, and covered the FARC, the greatest worldwide producer of cocaine and who during the peace talks in Colombia is accused to have expanded coca leaf cultivation from 50,000 hectares to nearly 200,000 hectares.

If there was ever any doubt that Bolivia is a narco-state, Evo Morales just clarified it.  There cannot be cocaine without the coca leaf.  This is why the coca leaf is included by the U.N. in their conventions that deal with narcotics.  For its traditional and medicinal consumption, Bolivia has set aside 12,000 hectares of legal coca cultivation although, according to an investigation financed by the European Union, only 6,000 hectares are needed.  There is illicit cultivation for narcotics` production (coca-narco) that ever since the constitutional government was ousted in October of 2003 has expanded from 3,000 to 40,000 hectares by growers` unions that took political power under the leadership of Evo Morales and that now expand the legal cultivation to 22,000 hectares as an effort to legitimize coca leaf harvesting for cocaine production.

All this scheme of politicizing and defending narcotics trafficking by Evo Morales and all members of the 21st Century Socialism (SSXXI) have grave connections to Islamic terrorism.  There are investigations and depositions indicating that “Hezbollah is generating hundreds of millions of dollars through a scheme to launder cocaine moneys in Latin America that provides it an endless source of funding for their terrorist operations”.  Ships with Bolivian flag and carrying weapons and drugs, have been intercepted at different ports in terrorist`s zones.   The link “coca-cocaine-21st Century Socialism (SSXXI)-Islamic Terrorism” is each and every time more evident for us to see and is now confirmed as Evo Morales advances with an “infamous law to legalize the first link of the cocaine production chain”.

Published in Spanish by Diario las Américas on Sunday February 26th, 2017.

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