É Cuba, beibi!

A invasão de um país a outro justifica plenamente uma intervenção armada para livrar uma nação de uma força de ocupação estrangeira. Hoje a Venezuela é invadida por Cuba, e a comunidade internacional é dispensada pela falsa soberania e princípios de não-interferência. Há uma ampla evidência de que há uma força de ocupação estrangeira no território venezuelano. É tempo para o fim da impunidade em que os ditadores Cuban vivem. " Pode amadurecer e a força de ocupação cubana ser derrubado sem intervenção armada?
Maria Fernanda Egas
Beatrice Rangel

It’s Cuba, beibi!

By Maria Fernanda Egas

The invasion of one country to another fully justifies an armed intervention to rid a nation of a foreign occupying force. Today Venezuela is invaded by Cuba , and the international community is dispensed with a false sovereignty and non-interference principles so as not to activate an intervention that generates the Defenestration of this Castrochavist organization of transnational organized crime that was taken over by Miraflores, which controls the Armed forces and armed bands, oil, gold, drug trafficking, accommodates regional and Islamic terrorism and everyday crimes against humanity such as kidnapping, torture and political crimes, such as The assassination of adversary advisor Fernando Alban at the sebin and the kidnapping of Juan Guaidó ‘s office boss ,Roberto Marrero .

There is ample evidence that there is a foreign occupation force in Venezuelan territory . And the international community must make a mea culpa, albeit belatedly, for having abandoned the Venezuelan people, as well as abandoning the Cuban people . This time, the dictatorship of Cuba, a Caribbean island with no arsenal other than its social control through intelligence operations of the same communist franchise that historically caused the extermination of more than 100 million human beings, invaded a territory nine times its own, it holds the largest oil reserves in the world, and is running out of people and resources.

Fidel Castro had already tried to invade Venezuela on May 8, 1967, with the unloading of Cuban and Venezuelan guerrillas on the beaches of Machurucuo. The then patriots of the Venezuelan national army and the Venezuelan national guard discharged several of the invaders who had had paramilitary training in Cuba and whose mission was to train Venezuelan Andes guerrillas to overthrow Raúl Leone. One of the surviving guerrillas, Héctor Pérez Marcano, said that since then Fidel had wanted to control Venezuelan oil through the armed path , and said in 2015 the new invasion was “arranged by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez Frías, in which the cobans They are controlling the areas strategic aspects of the country. ”

In fact, Venezuelan journalist Maibort Petit published on his blog “Venezuela al día”, the regulations for the provision of Cuban advisory services in Venezuela that the parties signed in January 2014, as an addendum to the agreement signed between Cuba and Venezuela in October 2000. They established a regulatory framework for the Cuban “advisory service” for Venezuela that is nothing more than all the costs that Venezuela undertook to assume the thousands of Cuban technicians, professionals and advisers after their transfer air, all costs of housing, food, transport and medical assistance up to a vacation trip to your country, outside of a salary scale of 800 to 3,000 dollars that you would receive “partially” in Cuba.

In November 2018 the Cuban medical organization announced that it had sued the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in a district court in Miami, United States, for being a participant and beneficiary of the Most Doctors in Brazil program, a human trafficking scheme and Slavery, which is replicated with nearly 50,000 Cuban doctors in over 70 countries and through which PAHO would have benefited at least $75,000,000.

The doctors received only 10 to 20 of their salary, were propaganda agents for the local government, and were guarded by the Cuban intelligence system. Cuba does not resume the program under the new conditions of Jair Bolsonaro to pay doctors and not the dictatorship, which would receive about 11,500,000,000 dollars a year for this human trafficking regime.

The New York Times reported that Cuban doctors who left Venezuela assured that they denied their assistance to citizens who opposed the regime because they were ordered to provide medicine and oxygen only to “national card” holders, such as a Measure of Political Control in the face of presidential elections in April 2017.

But the Cuban presence in Venezuela would go beyond doctors. Former guerrilla Hector Pérez Marcano, as well as Cuban historian Maria Werlau, executive director of the Cuba archive, and the OAS estimate between 40,000 and 100,000 serving different sectors of Castrochavism in Venezuela.

This could be confirmed by journalist Jorge ramos of Univision, who during an interview in Miraflores that ended his detention and deportation, detected the presence of Cuban officials in the highest circle of mature Nicolás.

Julio Borges, Juan Guaidó’s ambassador to the Lima group, denounced that the national armed forces (FANB) “are invaded by Cuban officials who give orders to repress and torture the Venezuelan military” and alerted the presence of Asdrúval de la Vega Orellana, Cuba’s former First Secretary to the United Nations, who would now say the methods of infiltration and persecution. In Nicaragua, Cuban agents were also identified among those carrying out the repression of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Between January 21 and 31 alone, 1,069 arbitrary arrests were recorded in demonstrations in Venezuela, of which 137 were minors. As of February 11, 2019, there were 989 political prisoners, the criminal forum said, noting that the number of detainees was “the highest in the country’s history”, that there were victims of torture, and that so far there were 15 enforced disappearances. Between February 22 and February 23, 2019, as a result of the attempt to enter humanitarian aid for Venezuela, they had posted 107 detainees, 58 gunshot wounds and 7 dead, including 4 Pemon Indians.

In December last year, in Washington, OAS Secretary Luis Almagro denounced the Cuban presence in the torture of people in other countries in the region, such as Venezuela, where there would be “an occupation force that teaches torture and repression, that performs tasks Intelligence and even civil documentation. ”

Almagro said that “it is time for an end to the impunity that Cuban dictators live in” and made it clear that “As Cuba is a dictatorship persecuting, torturing, and silencing its people and teaching others in the region to persecute, murder, torture and to silence we cannot have a hemisphere totally deprived of bad practices that affect democracy, freedom and peace; That this will not be genuinely free and democratic, unless the dictatorship in Cuba ends, which is responsible for its human rights violations and possible crimes against humanity”, in which he ensured the existence of new evidence.

The most recent report by the Caffarena Institute delivered to the OAS reveals that Cuban agents are giving orders to generals and coordinating activities in clandestine torture centers in Venezuela. The devastating testimony of Air Force Lieutenant Ronald Dugarte, who claims to have been trained by Venezuelan and Cuban personnel in intelligence work, was made possible after his desertion after spending six months in a torture center in Caracas.

The head of American diplomacy Mike Pompeo announced that, given Nicolas mature’s refusal to cease the usurpation of power in Venezuela, the United States will allow the judgments of private property seized by the Castro revolution, with the “Law of Libertad” ( Helms-Burtton), created in 1996 to allow Cuban exiles to sue confidential companies and Cuba for profiting from 1959 nationalized properties. He said that Washington is making efforts to accelerate the transition to democracy in Cuba, and condemned the brutal oppression of the Cuban regime of human rights and fundamental freedoms , and ” indefensible support “from dictatorship to regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua .

The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has not yet requested military intervention from the Lima group or the United States. Although it is up to the National Assembly to authorize the use of Venezuelan military missions abroad or foreign in the country, the agreement with the banks that allowed the swearing of Guaidó does not contemplate that the bloodthirsty Nicholas matured leave Miraflores for the Force. Guaidó and his supporters are gambling with their lives.

Can it mature and the Cuban occupation force be overthrown without armed intervention?

For a long time Venezuela paid Cuba to invade, replicate, torture and murder. The sanctions imposed by the United States are insufficient to produce the departure of the mature band and the Cuban invaders. Although it has been shown that the majority of the international community chose to ignore the principle of responsibility to protect brave people, it remains defenseless, bleeding every day, and unless there is a mature negotiated exit, the undeniable Venezuelan invasion of Cuba justifies an incursion that frees her from this occupation. Raul Castro orders them to mature to resist. He’s afraid the next one will be him.

Published in the Republic on Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Maria Fernanda Egas:
Ecuadorian journalist. Highlighted for defending press freedom and democracy. Experience in Ecuavisa, transport magazine, magazine today, magazine expensive; Look at the magazine. He is currently a correspondent for FUNDAMEDIOS and director in Miami of the EC Republic, where he publishes his opinion columns.