Dictatorships from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia seek to sabotage, from the inside, the Summit of the Americas

Carlos Sánchez Berzaín

Following the United States announcement that “countries who, by their actions do not respect democracy, will not be invited” to the 9th Summit of the Americas, dictatorships from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia show their true nature as Transnational Organized Crime organizations and Mexico reveals its “para-dictatorial government” role, conducting a new conspiracy this time against the Summit. The dictatorial strategy consists in boycotting the Summit either by absence or attendance, those not invited by accusing it and if invited by sabotaging it from the inside.

The message from the United States regarding who will be invited to the 9th Summit of the Americas is; compliance of international law and of decisions made at the 3rd Summit of Quebec from 20 to 22 April of 2001, that became a reality on 11 September of that same year with the signing of the foundational treaty known as the Interamerican Democratic Charter. Albeit the U.S. did not demand compliance of such obligations at the Summit held in Panama in 2015, at the Summit held in Lima in 2018, demands for compliance were met regarding the dictatorships from Cuba and Venezuela.

The underlaying issue is that the nature of dictatorships is completely against the nature and objectives of the Summit of the Americas that “gathers Heads of State and of Governments from Member States of the hemisphere, to debate on shared concerns, to affirm common values, and to commit to agreed-to actions at the national and regional levels in order to face present and future challenges that countries from the Americas confront” … The Summit “seeks a multi-dimensional way to strengthen democracy and governance…”

Twenty-First Century Socialism or Castrochavism’s dictatorships, are but an expansion of the 20th century Cuban dictatorship that today controls Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua under its system of holding power through “State terrorism, crimes against humanity, violation of human rights” imposed through their “despicable laws, repression, massacres, political prisoners and exiles”, that are proof of the inexistence of the rule of law and the separation and independence of the branches of government” and the institutionalization of their “vote-catching dictatorships in which the people vote but do not elect”. Moreover, these are narco-states who sponsor, promote and protect terrorism against democratic governments and leaders, use forced migration, are self-proclaimed anti-imperialist and have impunity.

Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua comprise the “dictatorial America” who attacks -using the aforementioned criminal means- the “democratic America”. This configuration of the “two Americas” reflects, from the early part of the 21st century, the existence of “an axis of confrontation of dictatorships against democracies” that today is worldwide in scope and shows Castrochavist dictatorships to be openly and publicly integrated at the behest of Russia in its invasion to Ukraine and threatens international peace and security.

Beyond the internationally recognized dictatorships from Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, and that of Bolivia previously called “the invisible dictatorship” and now avowed by its declaration not to attend the Summit, Castrochavism controls two dictatorial governments; that of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico and that of Fernandez/Kirchner in Argentina places where it has turned their entire foreign policy and internal resources upside-down to sustain Cuba’s dictatorship, legitimize Venezuela’s, restore Bolivia’s, coverup Nicaragua’s and attempt to supplant the OAS’ Interamerican System with phony organizations.

In this integrated manner, the Castrochavist dictatorial system has recovered -either through the evasion of restrictions or the suppression of sanctions to Venezuela and help from Russia- oil exploitation capabilities that enable it to provide more assistance to Cuba and to again use the so-called “oil bribes” to governments of Caribbean States, bribes that were institutionalized through “Petrocaribe” with dictator Hugo Chavez and allowed it to control the OAS in the 10 years of Insulza’s secretariat. Efforts are now underway to get the support of Caribbean governments to the dictatorships regarding their sabotaging of the 9th Summit.

From this objective reality’s perspective, we ask ourselves; what common values are there between Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua’s dictatorships and democratic States, specially when dictatorships do not comply with any of the fundamental components of democracy? It is obvious that from the outside of the Summit, Castrochavism pursues a boycott that it cannot win because this will unmask it and can arise suspicion in democracies in a state of defenselessness in which they unexplainably and shamefully keep themselves. One thing is for sure, however, that if dictatorships make it to the 9th Summit of the Americas, it will only be to sabotage it from within.

*Attorney & Political Scientist. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.

Translation from Spanish by Edgar L. Terrazas

Published in Spanish by Infobae.com Sunday May 15, 2022.

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