Conversations with Carlos A. Montaner-Laurence Debray

Conversations with Carlos Alberto Montaner
Laurence Debray
April 19, 2019
At the IID headquarters
Laurence Debray, a young French writer, daughter of Regis Debray and Elizabeth Burgos. Laurence has written two best sellers. The first, a biographical film by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I. The second, “the daughter of the revolutionaries,” tells of her life with two parents who were victims of an enchantment with the Cuban Revolution. In contrast to his parents, Laurence is a libertarian and has successfully entered the world of journalism in France, in particular that of French television, where he is a regular commentator and guest. Ms. Debray received the awards “Prix du Livre politique” 2018 and “Prix de Des Deputes” 2018.
Conversations with Carlos Alberto Montaner is a cycle of interviews with various personalities of the Hemispherio.