Confessions of Evo Morales the Drug Dealer Chief of State

The ordinary sessions of the UN General Assembly, is the scenery where chiefs of state or their representatives express their political opinions to reach a worldly audience. It doesn’t matter if the state they represent is democratic, authoritarian, a dictatorship, or theocracy. The orator can say whatever he pleases, and history shows the presence on stage of dictators, guerrilla men, terrorists, clergymen, politicians, academics, and of course, statesmen.

The assertions, with confession’s value, of this year’s speech from the chief of state of the plurinational Bolivia, left a clear view of how his president defends and promotes drug trafficking. Evo Morales, consolidated the image of the drug trafficking state that he built and runs.

Evo Morales, is the top and “for life” leader, of the coca producers from the tropic since the 90’s. He violently defends the illegal coca bush harvest which is the prime matter for elaborating the drug. Coca leaves are subjected to auditing and control by the Single Convention of 1961 about drugs, and by the UN Convention against illegal traffic… In his “fight against illegal coke” Morales incited tens of violent confrontations and has been able, so far, to turn sideways his responsibility in murders and other criminal acts as with the Andrade family.

Taking advantage of the “Law for Popular Participation” he made his incursion into politics and took the name “Movement Towards Socialism” (MAS) a branch of the “Bolivian Socialist Falange”. Using the MAS as a “political instrument for the coca growers”, Morales became a coca farmer congressman. With the help from the Castro dictatorship; Gadhafi from Libya who sent him money, plus the coca union financial contributions and Hugo Chavez resources, he received support and funds.

With foreign help, he elaborated a successful plot in 2003 against president Sánchez de Lozada. To cover his crimes, Morales became the accuser against his victims to whom he harasses until today.

Morales reached power in 2006, and remains as leader of the coca growers; this is his main political strength. He introduced himself as the first “indigenous” president, when in fact he is the first “coca producer president”. The coca farmers are part of the cocaine ring, are the owners of the political power in Bolivia, and Evo Morales is the chief of state.

To remain in power for over 10 years, Morales has wiped out the Republic, forged the Constitution, and created the plurinational state of Bolivia as part of the socialism of the 21st century. There are political prisoners, others in exile, and he boasts impunity. Democracy is gone, and he openly fights for the legalization of coca, trying to get the drug out of the list of controlled and forbidden substances.

When he took power, Bolivia had 3,000 hectares of illegal coke. Today they surpass 40,000 hectares, which has produced the geometric increment of the drug in Brazil and Argentina, opening a direct route to Venezuela, and from there to the rest of the world, including ties with Islamic terrorists. Morales kept Senator Roger Pinto at the Brazilian embassy for over one year (today in exile) due to the information he provided about the illegal drug traffic between Bolivia and Venezuela.

In his decisive narco-politics, Evo Morales, as chief of state has eliminated all obstacles to his ruling, and with a Castro style speech has expelled the DEA, USAID, and the ambassador of the United States in Bolivia. He has control over the “fight anti-narcotics and coca eradication”. The result of he who infringes is in charge of law enforcement, is great for Evo, but bad for Bolivia, as investigators and international media label Bolivia as a “NARCO-STATE”.

In April, at the Special UN Session about drugs, UNGASS, Evo Morales said that “THE FIGHT AGAINST DRUG TRAFFICKING IS AN OPPRESSIVE INSTRUMENT OF IMPERIALISM” which is used by the United States as “MEANS FOR POLITICAL CONTROL”, adding that the DEA should be dismantled.

If any doubt was left, about what and who Evo Morales is, during his participation at the 71st Period of Ordinary Sessions at the UN, he made the statements with value of confession, saying: “during investigations currently done, it has been proven that the DEA instructed the police and the military to plan the murder of leaders”. He accused the DEA of “doing business with the drug that they seized in Bolivia, half of it was burned and the other 50% was taken by the DEA”; he asked for the creation of “the people’s tribunal, to judge the American president Barack Obama for crimes against humanity”. Defending the narco-dictatorship of Venezuela he said: “if the OAS does not represent, neither respect the sovereignty of his states members it should not exist”; that “in Bolivia we are better than before… without the DEA and the American military bases!!!”

If we acknowledge that there have never been American military bases in Bolivia; that the operations of the DEA against drug dealing put under trial the nephews of the Venezuelan First Lady, the wife of Nicolas Maduro; that the chief against drug traffic from Bolivia nominated by Morales is in jail in the United States condemned for drug trafficking; that illicit economy generates approximately $3.2 Billion for the state run by Morales; that the Almagro report has proven that in Venezuela there is a dictatorship, which also threatens Bolivia…, then we can understand that Morales is getting ready to fight the evidence that the DEA has against him and his government!!! Finally, there is no doubt that at the UN Evo Morales has represented his personal interests bound to drug trafficking and not the Bolivian people.