Nicaragua, elecciones para qué

Para el electorado es desalentador participar en unas elecciones en las que el resultado esta previamente anunciado como todo parece indicar sucede en Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia y Cuba, donde la oposición y el votante, están plenamente limitados en sus derechos. Hacer campaña electoral en un plano de igualdad bajo un régimen autoritario o una dictadura…

Enough with Evo Morales, he is the past and it was fraud

They don’t really care about Bolivia, it’s just an exercise to flex their muscles. Behind Evo comes Maduro, Havana’s own protective belt, and the endless dispute to lift US sanctions, necessary to appreciate Venezuelan debt paper and for the corrupt to access their ill-gotten assets. Along the way, they also go against the OAS, whose Secretary General was reelected last March with the support of the Trump Administration. I insist, there is a reason why they do not say that the alleged coup of the OAS has had the European Union as an accomplice. The problem is that defeating Trump next November—a legitimate aspiration in any democracy as long as it complies with the letter and calendar of the constitution—seems to be pursued at any price, at any cost. This includes sharing the microphone and the agenda with the worst of Latin America, the most authoritarian, corrupt and criminal. And that already looks less illegitimate, it has all the appearance of a true Faustian bargain.

Anniversary of a Heroic Deed

The history of the Brigade is very rich in events, contradictions and heroism. Much has been written, documentaries have been made and pseudo analysts of different nationalities and political ideas have drawn their conclusions, but this note only aims to highlight the courage and sense of duty of men who left studies, family and work, to fulfill their obligations.

Las bienales del castrismo

As guloseimas do Downic não podem ser fóruns genuínos da criação. Um acontecimento que se realiza no âmbito da censura e da ameaça de prisão é um fracasso, porque sem liberdade, a arte não é possível. É essencial que os intelectuais livres, os criadores que só respondem à sua consciência, se manifestem categoricamente contra estas fraudes do castroísmo, os artistas que participam nestes acontecimentos devem ter muito cuidado para não se tornarem vítimas ou Autores do totalitarismo.

The Arria case and the change of the political paradigm

The international community does not understand why Venezuelans have not appointed Ambassador Diego Arria as our representative at the UN, when everyone envied us that we have such a giant of diplomacy, an extraordinary character who would be proud To have, ready to serve our country, and not put it in the service of Venezuela in the darkest hour of our country. More pathetic and outrageous, impossible…