Castroist-Chavist vile method: pin the crimes on the victims

The recurrent feature of these governments is to attribute their crimes to the victims, accuse the accusers and/or those who opposed them, applying the “Vile Method” of disinformation and repression which are essential elements of the Castroist-Chavist dictatorships.

In Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua, the chieftains and members of the government have committed serious crimes to take and indefinitely retain power. These range from the violation of practically every human right; crimes against life, liberty, security, the right to work, to own property and extend to other crimes dealing with high treason to the homeland, subjugation to foreign powers, and operating like transnational organized crime groups. The recurrent feature of these governments is to attribute their crimes to the victims, accuse the accusers and/or those who opposed them, applying the “Vile Method” of disinformation and repression which are essential elements of the Castroist-Chavist dictatorships.

To accuse is “to attribute, to impute someone or something a crime, guilt, defect, or mishap, generally done with malice or without reason or justification” and, when this situation turns into policy of the State manipulated by those holders of arbitrary and indefinite power, it constitutes yet one other crime, that of misrepresentation of the truth, with severe consequences for the freedom and security of the constituency because their objective is to instill a regime of “fear” to maintain the illegitimate government.

Experts describe it as part of the “Castroist methodology of social control” in other words as a tool the Cuban Castroist dictatorship has institutionalized to stay in power over the misery and the fear of its people. This “Vile Method” has been expanded along with the flow of Castroist-Chavist impetus which –with Venezuelan monies and oil- have also taken Venezuela down the road to misery and the Americas to a situation of insecurity and disgrace, dividing the entire region into democracies and dictatorships.

The application of this “Vile Method” to cover up crimes committed by the State and crimes committed by organized criminal groups managed by the regimes of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua range from its use in official statements issued, press and propaganda campaigns, trials, and legal proceedings that end in “despicable sentencing”, political prisoners, persecutions, and exiles, and sustained campaigns of “assassination of the reputation” of innocent victims.

The most recent application of this “Vile Method” was by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Cuban dictatorship who “accused the United States for the deterioration of bilateral relations” accusing the country whose diplomats were victims of “sonic attacks in Havana” an evident situation which the dictatorship was responsible for after the United States publicly denounced that at least 21 members of its diplomatic mission in Cuba had been victims of sonic attacks with severe consequences to their health, reason why the U.S. Secretary of State indicated “our decision to significantly reduce the number of diplomatic personnel in our embassy in Havana and the withdrawal of all family members”.

In the Cuban capital, with a totalitarian regime that controls everything and especially the technological elements and means, who can believe the Castroists were not responsible? or that the government knew nothing about what was being done to the U.S. diplomats? But they found those responsible and those are the victims and obviously the government of the United States. By applying the “Vile Method” of accusing the accusers, the official statement from Havana read “The United States deteriorates the bilateral relations” because so-it-says- “Cuba would have never perpetrated such an attack and would not do something of that nature against…”

Just as they apply it to the most powerful nation of the world, the Castroist-Chavists use this “Vile Method” in Venezuela where Nicolas Maduro has accused and sentenced Leopoldo Lopez of assassinations committed by the dictatorship, where it has jailed Mayor Ledezma for the crimes committed by the government, where there are dozens of political prisoners, tortured and sentenced for crimes they have never committed and instead have been committed by those who are their accusers, the false witness for the prosecution, their henchmen. Tens of thousands of Venezuelan exiles are living proof to the world of the existence and use of this “Vile Method” of accusing the innocent to protect the criminals.

Ecuador applied the “Vile Method” with; Rafael Correa who on 30 September of 2010 (30S) tried and jailed several victims, including the Colonel who was his aide and who protected him; the judicial sentencing for a tweet, or for applauding as in the Endara case, or the trials of journalists and the seizures of communication`s media to cover up corruption and control the press. The new president Lenin Moreno has the opportunity to annul and repair what the “Vile Method” has caused and take his country out of the group of Castroist-Chavist dictatorships, but up to now everything remains the same.

In Bolivia, Evo Morales honors the memory of Che Guevara 50 years after his guerrilla was defeated by the Bolivian Army and the “Vile Method” schemes to show him as a hero, the sanguinary aggressor who invaded Bolivia and killed dozens of Bolivians, Cuba`s henchman and the Capo Mafiosi of the Congo whose picture is now displayed in government`s offices, who has monuments to honor him and was even posthumously awarded a Bolivian decoration, all while the defenders of Bolivia are jailed as in the case of General Gary Prado who captured Che Guevara, or the humiliation of the Bolivian Army veterans who fought Che at Ñancahuazu. Evo Morales uses the “Vile Method” with the massacre of October of 2003 –wherefrom he was protected through Amnesty Decrees- that he orchestrated and executed to overthrow a constitutionally elected president and with approximately 20 other massacres that he has perpetrated at La Calancha, Las Americas Hotel, El Porvenir, Cochabamba, and so forth, where he always accuses the victims of the crimes he commits, and becomes the accuser as to not to be prosecuted, condemned, or sentenced.

The “Vile Method” –developed by the Cuban dictatorship- to accuse the victims of crimes committed against them is in full motion and is now part of the Castroist-Chavist dictatorships` trademark. The reader may be able to see thousands of cases more.

Published in Spanish by Diario las Americas on Sunday October 8th, 2017

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