Castroist-Chavist dictatorships are delinquency in political power

The Castro, Maduro, Ortega, Morales and their regimes do not leave out a single crime of criminal law without committing, including sex crimes, forgery, kidnapping, extortion and concealment

The Castro-Chavez alliance to recreate Castroism with Venezuelan oil and money rescued the agonizing Cuban dictatorship and birthed the Castroist-Chavist dictatorships in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia (with Ecuador now breaking away from it). They appeared as leftist political movements for the liberation of the people. Bolivarian, socialist movements that used violence, coups d’état, and elections to finish off political parties, leaders, and democracy. A reality check now reveals that the Castroist-Chavist system is nothing more that delinquency that has seized political power.

It is vital to differentiate and separate that which is “politics” meaning an activity of public service, from that which is “organized crime” and “delinquency.” Politics with its ideologies, pragmatisms, imperfections, errors, crises, even tainted by corruption is one thing, but another very different thing is politics and power under the control of associated criminals who turn politics into their main instrument for the commission of crimes, the setting up of criminal organizations, the seizure and indefinite control of power with criminal objectives and for the sake of their own impunity.

Politics in its vast meaning and according to its Greek etymology “is the art to govern or the intent to do it.” It is noteworthy to point out that “in any meaning the word is used to seek one or another objective, there appears either potentially or effectively a manner of proceeding, a practice, a series of facts, at the service of an idea.”   Politics is the “art, doctrine, or opinion referring to the government of the States”, “the activities of whom govern or aspire to govern the public affairs” and “the activities of a citizen when he or she intervenes in public affairs.”

Politics is legal, meaning that it is conducted in spheres considered to be “just, allowed, according to justice and reason” because it is of order and public service. Politics is totally counter to crime which is “the guilt, the breaking of the law and all acts or omissions punished by law.” While politics takes care of “the process of making decisions for the benefit of society”, crime is all “undue and reprehensible actions” that attempt against everything society protects and against society itself. Politics is a public service and crime and delinquency are a public hazard.

The objective reality shows Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia’s dictatorships continually and re-incidentally committing all types of crime. The most severe are against life, the physical well-being, and the freedom of the people through assassinations, massacres, judicialized political persecution, political imprisonment, political exile, torture and crimes against humanity that include; hunger and misery, as control mechanisms. Financial crimes go far beyond mere corruption because they have wrecked their productive systems, looted state-owned enterprises, formed groups of novo-rich or the regime’s bourgeoises, taken their foreign and internal debt to new and unpayable amounts, hocked their natural resources and the nations’ economies for decades to come.

They justify narcotics trafficking as an “instrument of their anti-imperialist fight” as Evo Morales claims at the UN with the backing of the rest of the dictators. Venezuela is the axis of the traffic and the production of cocaine is controlled by the Coca Growers’ Unions of Evo Morales and the FARC from Colombia. The Cuban dictatorship is actively involved in these crimes since the times of the Cold War, and money laundering points to Nicaragua.

There isn’t a single one crime included in their criminal code the Castro’s, Maduro, Ortega, Morales and their regimes have not committed, including sexual crimes, counterfeiting, kidnapping, extorsion, and coverup. The only difference with the “mafia” is that Castroist-Chavists control the political power in, at the very least, four countries.

They are not corrupted governments, they are organized delinquency that holds political power and plans to indefinitely keep holding it. These are not politicians who commit crimes, they are criminals who disguise themselves as politicians to commit crimes and hide them.   They are not rulers, they are “groups of organized crime” that commit “serious crimes”.

They can NO longer keep being treated as politicians, and least of all as State Dignitaries. Criminals have neither immunities, nor privileges. Their nations’ sovereignty is not meant to be protection to transnational organized crime and the international community can NO longer be an accomplice.

Published in Spanish by Diario las Américas on Sunday January 7th, 2018.

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