Castrochavism manipulates Latin American Indianism to destroy Latin American nations

Carlos Sánchez Berzaín

When the defeat of communism by capitalism was made patently evident by the dissolution of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics (USSR) beginning in March of 1990, Cuba’s dictatorship created the Forum of Sao Paolo in July of 1990 to “multiply the axis of confrontation” as part of its permanent assault and conspiracy against democracy. Within this framework, 20th Century Castroism was re-created as 21st Century Socialism -or Castrochavism- and now manipulates Latin American Indianism to destroy “nation-States” and in the process wreck Latin American nations.

Since their independence, some two hundred years ago, every one of the Latin America’s States have built and have been strengthened as a “nation”. All have done so based on the miscegenation of their inhabitants, racial and cultural crossbreeding of native indigenous people with the conquistadores and European, Asiatic and other migrations. The region’s nations have birthed the “Latin American” identity.

Culture, is one of the fundamental components of a Nation, it is “the set of life-styles, customs, and degree of the artistic, scientific, industrial development in an era, or social group”, it is “the set of representations through which the traditional life of a nation is expressed”. In Latin America, there are nations’ identities such as; Brazilian, Argentinean, Chilean, Peruvian, Bolivian, Ecuadorian, Mexican, and in every one of them in each of their specific states with specific features relative to the basis of crossbreeding they have achieved.

In 1999 in the Americas there was one single dictatorship, that of Fidel Castro in Cuba, known as Castroist, which was dying in its so-called “special period” due to the lack of economic assistance from the extinct USSR. It was expected that the 21st century would be one with “complete democracy” in the region because the disappearance of Cuba’s dictatorship was just a matter of time, but Hugo Chavez ascended to Venezuela’s presidency and immediately thereafter he salvaged Cuba’s dictatorship, associated himself with it, delivered -initially- oil resources and later the entire Venezuelan nation to it, birthing the re-creation and expansion of Castroism as the populist Bolivarian movement, 21st Century Socialism and the Castrochavism of today under the leadership of Cuba’s dictatorship.

There are “Two Americas” in this 21st century, one democratic and the other dictatorial. The axis of confrontation is neither ideological nor pragmatic, it is between freedom and transnational organized crime represented by a group of dictatorships from; Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua that have turned their countries into narco-States, their constitutions into statutes for the impunity of their crimes, their judges into executioners and their peoples into subjects of submission and misery.

The dictatorial America has just expanded its sphere of influence with Pedro Castillo as the President of Peru where, immediately after taking office, he has placed under way a Castrochavist action plan already carried out in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua and is still trying -thus far with no success- to include Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and elsewhere. They are seeking to destroy the Peruvian nation to turn it into a plurinational State, supplanting its national identity through racial and Latin American Indianism confrontation that counterfeits history.

The 21st Century Socialism, with its tool known as the Forum of Sao Paolo, has turned Latin American Indianism as the means to divide and weaken Latin American nations. In Bolivia, by manipulating indianism, they have imposed by force and crime along with counterfeiting and massacres, a constitution that they so-call “of the Plurinational State” to supplant the “Bolivian Nation” with 36 nationalities that had already been part of the Republic of Bolivia that they hold captive. True indigenous and free Bolivians, traditionally united in their diversity, now march in defense of their land against the encroachment of narcotics’ traffickers who have taken control of the State and seek to destroy them.

The replay of the infamy carried out in Bolivia is now their objective in Peru. Anyone who does not understand this, resists it, or defeats this threat will suffer its consequences. Castrochavism wants Peru as a plurinational State wrecking the “Peruvian nation”. This same plan also has Chile and Argentina as targets with a discourse of historic revindication, and criminal violence attacking democratic institutions and stability.

Now, they are executing a “new” instrument labeled as “Runasur” “contrived to create a Plurinational America that seeks Latin America’s unity against the looting ambitions of oligarchies”. Pure disguised Castrochavism, usurping Latin American Indianism. It is neither about an ideological, nor indigenous fight, it is the transnational organized crime that counterfeits the narrative of “Latin American Indianism” to destroy Latin American nations.

*Attorney & Political Scientist. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.

Translated from Spanish by; Edgar L. Terrazas, member of the American Translators Association, ATA # 234680.

Published in Spanish by Sunday November 28, 2021.

“The opinions published herein are the sole responsibility of its author”.