Castro, exegesis of totalitarianism.

Pedro Corzo
Peter Corzo

In these days adjacent to July 26, the work of Fidel Castro, it is appropriate to reflect on the individual who profoundly influenced a large sector of the Cuban people, to the extreme, who destroyed the Republic and has put the nation at risk.

His control over Cuban society can be classified as absolute. He was a virtual owner of lives and estates who was not accountable to any higher authority. A subject who ordered the killing of his enemies, whom he released, if an influential politician from the United States visited him and asked for his release.

Beyond his militancy in a doctrine or his actions for interests, this subject functioned with the sole objective of taking power and perpetuating himself in it. From his projects and performances, it is easy to conclude that he always considered himself enlightened, capable of breaking social molds and establishing new ones.

Although there is no lack of those who affirm that Castro was a Marxist operative, a condition of which I have no doubt, I dare to add that to a large extent, he was capable of constructing himself just as Adolf Hitler did, whom I consider the historical personality most similar to the Cuban leader.

The German tyrant joined a political group that seemed manageable to him, the Caribbean autocrat formed a gang that blindly served him.

Both were ambitious in temperament, unscrupulous and with an iron will. Men convinced of a superior destiny who considered themselves assisted by a powerful entity.

The international projection of the two was more than remarkable. Castro turned first to the Caribbean and Hitler to the territories near his border, such as the Czech Sudetenland and Austria. Later the ambitions grew, for which the foreign allies were vital, developing a very active foreign policy with the sole objective of extending their respective influences and power as much as possible.

They were obsessed with citizens working tirelessly, although they never carried out productive work. Castro created labor camps that were hell itself, as ex-political prisoner Roberto Jiménez certifies in his chronicle on the Camilo Cienfuegos forced labor plan in Isla de Pinos.

One and the other pretended to love their respective countries, but from their behavior it can be inferred that they deeply hated the land in which they were born because they led both Germany and Cuba to almost total destruction in material and human terms.

They shared a fierce contempt for those who opposed them. Hitler described the opposition as cockroaches, Castro called them worms, two derogatory forms in which they sought to eliminate the human condition of those who challenged their mandates.

Castro, perhaps because of the experience of his predecessor who allied himself with a regime weaker than his own, the fascist Benito Mussolini, sought a powerful ally, the former Soviet Union, which gave him massive aid in exchange for transforming the Island into its base in the Caribbean, to which it added the international services that the Cuban armed forces provided to Moscow for decades.

The two warlords never feared leading the world into a world war. Hitler did it, Fidel Castro, as one of the most aggressive protagonists of the Cold War, encouraged his allies in the Kremlin to install missiles with atomic capacity in Cuba, even urging the head of the Kremlin to carry out a preventive nuclear attack against the United States. Joined.

Castro organized a nucleus of action in his image and likeness that was extremely loyal to him. Hitler created the Brown Shirts. Fidel organized the unsuccessful attack on the Moncada barracks that was described by the Cuban communists as a pushist coup, for his part Hitler lost in his attempt to take the city of Munich, which is why they went to prison, although for a short time, having there the opportunity to reflect and evaluate new alternatives and write what would be his projects, Hitler, “Mein Kamp” and Castro, “History Will Absolve Me”, for many scholars, inspired by the Nazi bible.

Both chose their enemies. The first identified the United States as responsible for all its problems, Hitler selected the Jewish people as an enemy of Germany and responsible for all the vicissitudes of the country. Of Terror the two wings.

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