To the member countries of the G-20, guests and observers.



To the member countries of the G-20, guests and observers.


Argentina-Summit 30 November-01 December 2018.

Noting that, Argentina is going through a critical economic situation, moments of social conflict and legal uncertainty, this has also taken public status that justice has been degraded to unthinkable extremes, because of the pressure exerted on the judges by the government of the day, all in a context of serious institutional corruption, evidenced at present. In this context, it is not necessary to investigate the crimes committed by the members of terrorist groups that acted in the 60s / 70s. The perpetrators of these crimes still enjoy impunity and institutional protection. The memory of foreign victims is hidden under a cloak of complicit silence.

Noting that this policy of legal discrimination, determined that more than 2800 men and women, representatives of different social classes (≈ 20 Catholic priests, 110 magistrates, 60 women, lawyers, doctors, agents of the State), are illegally deprived of their liberty, convicted and / or judged in flagrant violation of the universal legal principles of human rights, to whom exceptionality as a rule, criminal retroactivity, collective criminal responsibility, criminal analogy, the principles of criminal prescription, and due process are ignored. All this affects the validity of the Rule of Law. This legal system applied in Argentina is not used by any member country of the G20 where, the constitutional and conventional guarantees subscribed by those States are respected.

Recognizing that, at present, international terrorism is a major threat that affects all countries, as shown by the attacks in various cities of the world. Although we must remember that in the Argentina of the 60s / 70s “marks the beginning of a period that was characterized by the generalization and seriousness of the terrorist action evidenced, not only by the plurality of bands that appeared on the scene, but also because of the large number of criminal actions they undertook and even because of the spectacular nature of many of them “: These terrorist organizations are responsible for more than 1,500 murders and 25,000 criminal acts (Trial of commanders in Case 13/84).

Recalling that among the victims of these crimes are citizens, companies and accredited diplomatic representations in Argentina. There are Spaniards, Italians, Germans, British, Americans, French, Belgians, Swiss, Portuguese, ex-Yugoslavs, Dutch, Austrians, Croats, Poles … (Wahrilch, Morg Roig, Jercib, Dal Bosco, Sobral, Hab de Koval, Rodriguez Quintana , Gasparoux, Egan, Rotta, Salustro, Do Santos, Franconeri, Capdevielle, Giovanelli, Egan, Swint and others), employees, businessmen, industrialists, residents of the country, honest men and women, respectful of State institutions, who accompanied the development of the Nation. None of them is recognized in Argentina or in their own countries as victims of terrorist organizations, still less by human rights associations, their militants, parliamentarians, personalities.

On behalf of those numerous foreign citizens killed by terrorist groups, who do not appear in the Park or in the Museum of Memory, forgotten by their own Embassies and even more, the foreign authorities who visit our country fail to pay tribute to them. And in that of the victims kidnapped, wounded, threatened by those same illegal groups (Adgen, Browertkoning, Napoli, Bendandi, Nitry, Wipper, Watsenstein, Hernandez, Sylvester, Squimer, Gockler, Tanasijevic, Perriaux, van der Paune, Grove, Russo , Barca, Barella, Krupp, Callegari, Bricombe, Lockwood, Kurt Gebhardt, Agosti, Heywood, Schmidt, Marinott, Hayes, Boisset, Romeo, Mascardi, Deloubieux and others), whose situation is remote from the interests of justice, government and the media in Argentina.

We ask the representatives of the G20 member countries and invited to the International Forum to reject the Program of the Argentine government to visit the Memory Park, the Memory Museum, throw flowers to the Rio de la Plata, not give interviews to the representatives of NGOs and human rights associations that defend only the militancy of armed violence of the 60s / 70s because among them are also responsible for crimes against their citizens. This request is based on the fact that carrying out these activities will dishonor the memory of the fellow national victims.

We call on the members and participants of the G20:

  • Suspend immediately (European Union, Japan, United States, Canada …), subsidies, contributions and financial aid with the NGOs, associations and Human Rights organizations of Argentina that recognize only as victims the former members of terrorist groups, until the situation of foreign victims and the perpetrators of those crimes and crimes are clarified.
  • Suspend immediately with Argentina all collaboration, project, program, ongoing with associations, Human Rights organizations, and their personalities of references.
  • Prohibit the entry and stay in the G20 countries, the former members of terrorist organizations of Argentina of the 70 ‘and their defenders, organizations, associations, militants and human rights referents, until the total judicial clarification of the crimes perpetrated against the victims of those countries.
  • Determine in the member countries of the G20, the criminal responsibility of the former Argentine refugees, in the crimes and crimes against the citizens and companies of those countries. Yesterday members of terrorist organizations in Argentina, today naturalized European citizens, defenders of human rights.
  • Proceed to the recognition of the victims that left the terrorist organizations in Argentina in the 70’s, by their respective governments, their embassies in Argentina and associations of victims of terrorism of the respective countries.
  • Create an ad-hoc commission composed of representatives of the G20 to investigate the murders, attacks, threats exerted by terrorist groups in Argentina against citizens and foreign companies in the 70’s. Justice and the Argentine governments cannot determine without judging responsibilities of some and innocence of others, leaving the victims without protection.
  • Provide measures to reject any judicial cooperation, extradition request, for legally non-existent accusations of crimes against humanity that violate the principles of legality, non-retroactivity, prescription, due process, exceptionality, collective criminal responsibility, analogy principle criminal … Buenos Aires, September 26, 2018.

Petitioners: María Elena García, lawyer , Collective President DDHHPP

Prisoners in Argentina,

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