And the Brits came to the rescue!!!!

Former Venezuela Presidential Chief of Staff Beatrice Rangel on how the Windsor royal wedding reality show took us all back to a time of genteel civility and elegance

Saturday May the 19th, 2018 shall be always remembered as the day the world was caressed with manners.

Indeed, while the roll-call was the fairy tale wedding of Prince Harry of Windsor to Meghan Markle, the event narrative proclaimed the triumph of civilization over barbarism.

The British Crown once again told the world that there is no issue between progress and manners and that manners are the tribute a civilized human being pays to fellow human beings with a view to inspire better conduct and through them better understanding or everyone’s role in society.

By welcoming Meghan and her family into the royal house, Britain has proclaimed the consolidation of the era of cooperation and understanding, of multiculturalism and globalism, of symbolism and activism.

And such a proclamation was made with elegance, dignity and beauty. And the world responded with enthusiasm and nostalgia. With about 600 million viewers, the wedding brought to the screens around the world commanding heights and their following. And for a very brief and shining moment the world was taken by the new Camelot.

These viewers were not searching for a Hallmark Channel experience or for the Gossip Channel scoops into celebrity life.

They were escaping the realm of vulgarity that seems to grow larger everyday engulfing everything on its way and springing from every direction including the presidency of countries that are deemed to be the leaders of the free world.

Schools, Clubs, Parliaments, Churches, and the media — whether traditional or social — have all succumbed to vulgarity. As a result, there no longer are role models for the youth to follow.

In the absence of role models, young people engage in what seems to be a state of crowded solitude whereby they are glued to a mobile screen where dozens of friends linger but are also all by themselves.

The emergence of conceptual elegance heralding a message of respect, understanding and blending touched the hearts of viewers around the world. They will most probably remember the event through their lives as a dream of unknown future. Of what we wished to see. A fictional creation. Of life not meant to be.

And as they go back to the realm of daily crudity typified in aggressive driving, offensive twitters of all kinds, excesses in consumption and instigation to hate and violence , the royal wedding audience will most probably take refuge in the images of an institution that still adheres to grace, dignity and beauty.

Published by on Sunday May 27th, 2018

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