Academic discussions

The Institute conducts monthly cycles of academic discussions. They are developed under the modality of the approach of a text (book, essay, work, document or other), which is delivered for its previous reading to each guest.
In each discussion, a rapporteur exposes the reading carried out and continues a debate under the leadership of the Academic Director of the Institute, after which consensus and disagreements are established on the matter discussed.

Studies and seminars

Annually, the Institute sponsors two studies on freedom and democracy in the Americas, by leading researchers and political scientists. Each study gives rise to a cycle of international conferences and seminars for the discussion and presentation of the works, which are aimed at fulfilling our objectives of promoting and defending freedom and democracy.


The Institute organizes, in association with academic entities, think tanks, social research centers, universities, private and state institutions, as well as with personalities, conferences inside and outside the United States, on specific topics, always related to the promotion of freedom and democracy.

Book publishing

The Editorial Fund of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy sponsors the annual edition of at least 4 books in English and Spanish, in addition to the publication of the winning works of the Inter-American Essay Contests and the studies carried out by our Institution.

The Editorial Fund has a special regulation so that any author in the world who writes on issues related to freedom and democracy, can access the publication of his work by our Institution. The regulations can be consulted in the Editorial Fund space on this web page.

Participation in Miami International Book Fair

Our Institute participates annually in the Miami International Book Fair, with its own stand and sponsoring the visit of authors from the Americas who have published their books in the IID Editorial Fund, or who want to present their already published works, referring to the freedom and democracy, in our booth.

To present an already published book at our stand, you can contact our main office, letting us know a copy of the work.

Cycle “Topics”

Under the format of a working breakfast with a central speaker, our institute develops cycles called “Themes”. Under the format of a working breakfast with a central speaker, our institute develops cycles called “Themes”. The exhibitor is always an expert or a central actor of the subject to be discussed, and the guests, ranging from 30 to 100, are selected for their high qualification on the subject. These events are open to the press.

The exhibitor makes his statement in 50 minutes and then for an hour there is a discussion. The minutes and arguments of the event constitute an important contribution, as well as the opportunity for all those present to express their points of view and enrich their knowledge with the exchange that takes place.

Colloquia of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy

Our Institute holds one colloquium per month in an ordinary way and can add other events of this nature with an extraordinary character. The colloquium is a conversation, an organized discussion to deal with a specific topic, which we develop under the direction of a moderator.

The theme of each colloquium is set in advance, as is the moderator. Members of the Institute’s board of directors, academics, politicians, experts, students of the subject to be discussed, and also people who make their interest to participate known, are invited, according to the calendar of our Institution.

Inter-American Essay Contest