And… they finally disembarked !!!

The ransomware attack of Colonial Pipeline is the first attack by criminal cyber gangs on the US critical infrastructure. As such it has elicited enhanced attention by the media while promoting a messaging gush through social media and reigniting conspiracy theories. And while DarkSide’s only concern was to extract ransom payments from Colonial, the attack brough to the forefront the strength of criminal cyber gangs and their ability to cause damage to the civilian population of any given country, especially those that are liberal democracies.

Castrochavism repeats its method with the coup d’ etat in Colombia

Colombia’s government endures a coup d’état and Colombia’s democracy suffers an attack to destroy it. To exacerbate the government’s mistakes and turn them into fuses to ignite protest that gets massive in repudiation of the violence produced by conspirators, but attributed to security institutions and the government, is an old system of sedition assumed as Modus Operandi by Castrochavism in the 21st century. This is how they toppled Bolivia’s government in October of 2003, this is how they conducted a coup d’état in Ecuador in October of 2019, and now they repeat its organized crime’s method with the coup d’état in Colombia.