The Northern Triangle and its ability to disrupt.

For at least four decades US tax payers have been financing a system that fails to produce results. Indeed, by admission of the DEA they catch one in every ten drug shipments . This means we are financing a rate of failure of 90%. Should this be the case for any other human endeavor chaos would rule in this world. Supported by artificially high margins for their products criminals amass billions of dollars every year that are invested in securing the architecture to deliver their criminal products which includes phagocytizing government institutions to secure free passage.

Elections in Ecuador, the Trojan Horse and the future of democratic leaders

In the second round of presidential elections in Ecuador the axis of confrontation is between democracy and dictatorship, because this is about the efforts of the dictatorial group -orchestrated from Cuba- to regain the government with candidate Andres Arauz who is their “trojan horse”. When Castrochavism regains any government -as Argentina and Bolivia prove it today- political leaders are annulled or are turned into functional actors for the regime, they are the first victims of the dictatorial reinstatement. This election will determine; if Ecuador continues as a democracy, and the future of democratic leaders.