Jeannine Anez and the Zeigarnik Effect

And as Morales seizes the Bolivian state through a new cast of political actors authoritarianism not only is armor-plated but will proceed to total take over through what Marxists describe as the soft means of the super structure. That is through the reinvention of the country’s history by means of retelling it and changing its narrative. This task demands the concrete presence of enemies that can be shown, humiliated and disfranchised. Jeannine Anez is set to play such leading role.

Persecution and political prisoners prove that Bolivia is under a dictatorship

Bolivia is a dictatorship of the Castrochavist system comprised by Venezuela and Nicaragua with the active backing of Argentina’s government, all under the control of Cuba. For those who believed the successful fallacy of disguising a dictatorship as a democracy, with Bolivia’s fraudulent elections in October of 2020 the simulation has ended with the repetition of judicialized political persecution to jail, exile, and ensure impunity for corrupted officials. Former President Janine Añez has been arrested and the persecution against an undetermined number of Bolivians.