Cuban Intelligence and Russia Throw Venezuela’s Maduro a Lifeline

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent visit to Latin America and sent a message that the U.S. will not abandon its goals of getting rid of Maduro’s regime. The role of Cuba is becoming more and more important for the survival of Maduro and his cronies as dissidence and criticism among members of the military and political elite is becoming more and more significant. It is crucial that the Trump sanctions be aimed at hurting the Cuban troops as well as the Venezuelan intelligence services even more than the military. At the same time, it is important to establish contacts with the military to encourage rebellion against their superiors. Sanctions against top security and political elites must be strengthened. Likewise, sanctions against Cuba need to be reinforced. Latin American countries, particularly in the Central American triangle are already in a state of anarchy and suffer from high levels of crime. This problem needs to be addressed urgently regardless of Maduro. The multiplication of narco-states is a threat to the neighborhood where we live.

Fly me to the Moon !!!

The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 historic moon landing was perhaps the most significant collective and worldwide recollection of a human feat ever. The Us also continues to lead in the category of groundbreaking missions to space. China is second and accelerating its spacecraft capabilities. Third comes Russia. Following the big three come Japan, the United Kingdom, India and Canada. From the economic view point the space race has propelled communications and information gathering and processing. This has paved the road to entry by successful private corporations. By 2050 “Asgardia” the first space nation should be in orbit. Asgardia is totally financed by private companies. From the political dimension the world seems to be less fortunate today. Today successful leaders are those that instill in the hearts of their people fear, doubt and opacity. Those that fragment the political body to then ride on the worst sentiments of a faction while freezing through fear the rest of society. On this count we are much worse off than on the night the moon received the first earthlings.


The Forum from Sao Paulo has in fact the function of being an instrument through which; the holders of power in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia are granted the condition of politicians, those who are no longer in power seek impunity, and those who conspire against democratic governments in the Americas gather. It is the political disguise of the Transnational Organized Crime that usurps the political action and power. The Forum from Sao Paulo has been one of the most important instruments so that the criminal, conspirator, and anti-democratic alliance of Chavez and Castro have the look of being political. The Forum from Sao Paulo corroborates that it is the disguise for organized crime and calls to conspire against democracies with the plausible but invalid reasoning that dictatorships and the people’s struggle against their oppression “calls for a practical exercise of mutual internationalism between all leftist powers from Latin America”.