There Should Be Little Dispute That Israel Keep the Golan Heights

The recent announcement by President Donald Trump recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights generated a number of reactions. If the Golan Heights “legally” and actually belongs to Syria, as European nations claim, how exactly does this position serve the European goals and interests in the region? There should be little dispute that, in this chaotic situation, Israel should keep the Golan Heights indefinitely.


Juan Guaido is imprisoned, not physically as of yet, by the Castroist Chavist dictatorship. It is by far more serious than that, Guaido is imprisoned by the greatest act of selfishness that the so-called political class can perpetrate against a nation that is suffering a humanitarian crisis. Freeing Guaido means to immediately allow him to be the President In Charge, to help him to put together a government of national unity, and to truly help him by setting aside the “two-faced politics”.